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  It doesn’t matter who I am. Read my words and you’ll read my mind, look at my photos and you’ll see the world from my angle. Wander through MilesAstray and you will know me more intimately and sincerely than any descriptive word, CV or portrait could express. But, if you are interested, let me tell you how I got here and how this project came about.


In May 2012, I set out to work with grassroots nonprofits while traveling from Colombia to Argentina for a year. Little did I know that I was actually embarking on a six-year odyssey around the world. I lived and worked with local communities in Latin America, Asia and Africa, and as months became years and then yesteryears, the initial journey became a nomadic lifestyle.


All the photographs and notes I took along the way were personal keepsakes and it wasn't until four years into my travels that I started sharing these impressions online. I adopted the pen name Miles Astray, because that's where I often find myself.


When I returned home for the first time after six years, it was no longer a place to settle, but one to stop by. A few months later, I was back on the road.



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