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  It doesn’t matter who I am, what I am, where I’m from, how old I am, what my educational background is. Read my words and you’ll read my mind, look at my photos and you’ll see the world from my angle. Wander through MilesAstray and you will know me more intimately and sincerely than any descriptive word, CV or portrait could express. Miles Astray is my pen name, because that's where I often find myself – miles astray the paved road.


MilesAstray isn’t about me me me. Me the writer, me the photographer, me the traveler. It’s about the world and its people. But since you came to this page wondering about the author, let me just tell you how this chapter of my life started and how my project came about.


In May 2012 I left home to travel from Colombia to Argentina for a year and work with grassroots nonprofits along the way. Little did I know that it would take me six years to make my way back and that by then home wouldn’t be where I’d settle, but where I’d stop by.


It all started a month into my journey, when I stumbled upon an indigenous community in the Ecuadorian Andes, miles astray the touristic highway. I wouldn't leave for a year. Some plans and perspectives were amended, others abandoned altogether. When I moved on, I became a nomad of sorts, first getting by with odd jobs, later working remotely, while voyaging the globe slowly and immersively.


I created MilesAstray five years into the journey to portray glimpses of the world we live in, to share some thoughts and impressions, to raise awareness of social inequities and funds for nonprofits. This website is free of exclusive content, advertisement, and affiliate marketing to keep my agenda my agenda.



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a restless wanderer and wonderer

a friend of company, a son of solitude

a complex question, a simple answer

a pragmatic dreamer

an admirer of change and uncertainty


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I, Too, Blog Now

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