Caye Caulker / Belize · 2014   heavenly view

For me Belize was... a little speck somewhat different from its Latin American neighbors · hearing English speaking locals for the first time in years · a trip to the Cuban embassy with a one-legged cabby · a coast, where everything seemed a bit more Caribbean and Bob Marleyish · cringing at yolo · an elegant underwater motion-symphony composed by two playful eagle rays · being no more than a fugacious ripple on these azure waters.


a glimpse



glimpse: REV | "Revving the engine is enough to lure them," explained our captain. Then he fed them anyway. Right off Belize's Caye Caulker, nurse sharks live alongside stingrays, eagle rays, manatees and other neighbors in an oceanic vicinity known as Shark Ray Alley. Local boat operators use bait in preparation of a touristic snorkel encounter with the harmless animals in the shallow and crystal clear Caribbean waters. The ethically dubious feeding practice has conditioned the sharks to line up in front of the boats by the mere sound of an outboard and raises the question of how this unnatural dependence and behavior will affect the animals in the long run.


glimpse: SIPPING WARM GOLD | Now the sun poured warm gold over the azure Caribbean sky and turned those who sipped on it into silhouettes, living shadows etched into this slice of time. Tomorrow they’ll be gone, washed away by a wave of new arrivals, as the itsy bitsy Belizean island bubble Caye Caulker remains in perpetual inflate-burst-flux. The hedonistic pilgrimage of backpackers and suitcase vacationers is whisked together with laid back locals at the “Split," where, legend has it, hurricane Hattie sawed the island in half back in 1961. Bob Marley jams, folks are taking it belizy, every cold beer has a sun-and-fun-lover’s name on it – what’s a painful cliché for one, is an Edenic haven to the other.

It gets quiet once you venture South; only mosquitoes humming their tune.


South, Caye Caulker / Belize · 2014







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