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a glimpse


Sarajevo / Bosnia and Herzegovina · 2017   wasted on war



Bullet holes and makeup

eventually they made up

let bygones be bygones

from buy guns to bye guns

too many dead from the fight

many more dead inside

after the twilight the night

only mascara can turn it bright

light as a kite

what you can’t fathom

you can only forget


a glimpse


glimpse: RIP | Why rip their children’s beds to shreds with shrapnel fury and rocket rage? Why rip those families and friends apart for someone else’s change of heart? Why rip into those lives with bullets and knives, buy greedy gain with blackest pain? Why rip open their roofs with misled missiles guided by the ill indifference of those sitting afar? Why rip off their limbs with the obsession of those few who knew, who sow their green in other’s blood? Why rip peace into pieces for all of humanity’s worst reasons? R.I.P.

glimpse: LIKE NO/ANY OTHER | Looking at this scene I see two streets: one that is like any other and one that is like no other. It’s an everyday street, a street next door, ordinary but unique. It’s made from the same elements as the others, still its particular installation is found in no other. Maybe it is both like no/any other, or maybe it needs your angle to be one or the other.

While everybody devours the views from the Old Bridge, its neighbor's are up for grabs.

Mostar / Bosnia and Herzegovina · 2017   pristine blue


The city had some big, green lungs that breathed right through the stone.

Sarajevo / Bosnia and Herzegovina · 2017   green lungs

places / stories






places / stories


Sarajevo / Bullet Holes and Makeup


Sarajevo / Bosnia and Herzegovina · 2017   shot to shambles


Sarajevo / Bosnia and Herzegovina · 2017   lighthearts


The scars were bullet-shaped holes. Deep too. But they'd plastered so much makeup over the surface that eventually those holes were just shadows.



Sarajevo / Bosnia and Herzegovina · 2017   antennas to the heavens



Sarajevo / Bosnia and Herzegovina · 2017   Jub & Bob 


Sarajevo / Bosnia and Herzegovina · 2017   Olympic leftovers


Nobody looked at me. When you blend in, you are invisible. And that invisibility is a freedom. I indulged many freedoms in Latin America, Asia, and Africa, many more than were afforded to me by any Western straitjacket-state, but not this one. Suddenly, my DNA read person, not foreigner. I’d almost forgotten because what you don’t have doesn’t take up much space in your mind. And so I walked and smiled invisibly until I’d left at least one or two atoms of mine in every nook and cranny of Sarajevo.



Sarajevo / Bosnia and Herzegovina · 2017   mixed architectural bag



Sarajevo / Bosnia and Herzegovina · 2017   a young night



Sarajevo / Bosnia and Herzegovina · 2017   permanently unfinished


Sarajevo / Bosnia and Herzegovina · 2017   window cluster



Mostar / Drinks and Times


Mostar / Bosnia and Herzegovina · 2017   A refugee of the Bosnian war, Helena had to leave her home country, but it never left her. Throughout all those years in Finland, and the more recent chapter in Croatia’s Zagreb, she missed the heartiness that runs deep in Bosnian culture and people. And matters of the heart matter, more than others. That’s why Helena moved back. Leveraging the capital of her business background, she now runs a hostel with her friend Vecca who shares the same history and itenarary of displacement. The two women go way back and make the perfect match going forward with this endeavor – Helena lighting up the place with her mischievous ways, and Vecca holding it together and down-to-earth.



Mostar / Bosnia and Herzegovina · 2017   hillside cemetary


Mostar / Bosnia and Herzegovina · 2017   cross slabs


I could have spent a little lifetime in Bosnia, if I had one to spare, and I knew that the moment I knew them. Helena and Vecca and good laughs and drinks and times. How easy a life when no one is watching, when there’s nothing to do but to be and raise a bottle and down some doubts.



Mostar / Bosnia and Herzegovina · 2017   pink neighbor



Mostar / Bosnia and Herzegovina · 2017   immaculate molecules


During the day, that town was a circus but at night it was empty and quiet as a funeral home.



Mostar / Bosnia and Herzegovina · 2017   guy and cat



Mostar / Bosnia and Herzegovina · 2017   empty night



Mostar / Bosnia and Herzegovina · 2017   fairy nights


Unfinished business I have none, not there, not anywhere. But unfinished games, plenty.




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