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red maple leaves in autumn in Vancouver

Vancouver / Canada · 2019   winter murder

a glimpse



   I've given Canada years, and it's given me some of the most worthwhile things one can do with years. It was an accident at first, then home, then heart. A big heart and one I want to come back to, tiny me, a vessel traveling the veins of the larger body, a body with many hearts.


a glimpse

Pride parade in Montreal, Canada

glimpse: PRIDE | Who better to judge whom not to judge than those who don’t judge?


Honest Ed discount store Toronto


glimpse: HONEST | Retail is the last link in the supply chain, where merchandise meets consumer. Its history in brief: markets (outdoor, indoor ~ 10,000 years) → stores / shopping centers (specialty, warehouse, discount, department / mall, arcade, precinct ~ 2,000 years)  → mail order (catalogue, TV, online ~ 180 years). Evidently, the major transformations of retail have been few over the millennia and none of its channels are extinct as of today. Still, there are rapid transitions in the details and what’s inventive today will be old hat tomorrow. Iconic discount store Honest Ed’s (1948 – 2016) in Toronto could no longer keep up with the pace of Walmart, Amazon & Co; but no matter how long their day in the sun, eventually it will come to an end as well – history says so and history is honest.

glimpse: 3.6√h | To me, no distance on earth is greater and yet more tangible than an ocean’s horizon. Without obstructions, the eyes seem to wander endlessly far, yet, without obstructions, endlessly far is just a beeline away. No turns, no zigzagging – New York vis-à-vis Lisbon if it wasn’t for atmospheric distortion and this little formula acknowledging the globe’s bulged belly: 3.6√h. Put in your eye level for h and you’ll see how little you actually see: at sea level, your horizon will be less that 5 km away, unless you are a giant. A person of 1.70 m, standing on a 10 m cliff, will be looking at 12 km. Even climbing an ocean front Everest wouldn’t get you past the 340 km mark. On the bright sight, if you ever wondered what’s beyond the horizon, your answer might be nearer than you think. And, on the very bright sight, the stars on any clear night are witnesses to your eyes’ phenomenal vision: after all, you’re able to see something that is light-years away – trillions of kilometers – as long as the light source is big or strong enough.

glimpse: FOOL | Yesterday, I was only a fool. Today, I'm a fool who learned that he was a fool yesterday. Maybe tomorrow I'll be a fool who learns that he's still a fool. And, if I can help it at all, the day after tomorrow I'll be a fool who’ll learn that he'll still be a fool the day after.

Climate strike in Montreal, Canada
Tulips at the Botanical Garden in Montreal, Canada

Climate March, Montreal / Canada · 2019   activism in motion

Montreal / Canada · 2019   tulip tricks

places / stories






places / stories

Quebec / Its Own Canada


Quebec City / Canada · 2016   clutter


Half of Quebec wants Quebec to be its own place because it is its own place. The other half wants it to be Canada because it is Canada.



Mont-Tremblant / Canada · 2016   fair enough


Lusk Caves / Canada · 2016   cave crew



Montreal / Canada · 2016   dystopia now


Wooden pole in Montreal, Canada

Montreal / Canada · 2019   the messages that were


climate protest in Montreal, Canada

Climate March, Montreal / Canada · 2019   WORST HOUSEWARMING EVER


In Montreal I can be myself, whoever that may be at a given time. I can live any sort of life there and most days I live a few. A culture life, a nature life, a love life. Grazing on this rainbow of neighborhoods, I've lived in nine different apartments, from Point St Charles to the Mile End, and my feet have touched many more, always with a big smile from toe to toe. I could live in Montreal for some centuries without getting bored, but of course Montrealese winters are excessive. Having only ever pinched the rest of the country, my Canada is Montreal.


Special Olympics for differently abled kids

Montreal / Canada · 2019   Special Olympics, Samuel Center for Social Connectedness


Welcome Session for refugees in Canada
Welcoming refugees in Canada

Montreal / Canada · 2019   Welcome Session for Refugees, Samuel Center for Social Connectedness


Montreal / Canada · 2019   Welcome Hive for Refugees, Samuel Center for Social Connectedness


photos | essays






Autumn foliage at the Old Port of Montreal, Canada

Montreal / Canada · 2016   bleeding trees


Ontario / A Little Faster

Toronto seemed a little faster than Montreal, a little busier and frigider. Wasn't for me per se, but wasn't not for me either. Good memories of Korea town and its surroundings.



Toronto / Canada · 2016   smeared shadow


Toronto / Canada · 2016   scooty


When you added all these goofballs wrapped in ponchos, Niagara Falls were a bit too silly to be majestic, but A for effort.



Niagara Falls / Canada · 2016   misty drapes


Niagara Falls / Canada · 2016   yellow goofballs


BC / You Gotta B to C

Downtown Vancouver Skyline, British Colombia

Vancouver / Canada · 2019   downtown mirror


If Montreal is the heart and Toronto the mind, then Vancouver is whatever comes out when you put those two in a blender.


autumn foliage in Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver / Canada · 2019   changing dresses


Newfoundland / Idle Idyll

DSC_8357 (2).jpg

Port Rexton / Only Passing Through: Unsung Towns of Unknown Dreams

the welcome delusion of scratching a place's surface without digging deeper


For it is in the unknown where imagination lives and in the foreigner’s head any town can tell any story.

Hiking path in Newfoundland, Canadag

Newfoundland / Canada · 2016   hiking highway


Fishing town in Newfoundland, Canada

Newfoundland / Canada · 2016   passing through a town or two


Blue wooden house in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

St. John's / Canada · 2016   ever so blue


That accent worked. It sounded as far off as its place. "Newfinland" they'd pronounce it. Its own thing but without trying. I ordered the cod tongues, not taking that literally either, until they served me cod tongues. Very coastal, very fishermany – an idle idyll.


Coast at dusk in Newfoundland, Canada

Newfoundland / Canada · 2016   rough rock


A woman standing on cliffs in Newfoundland, Canada

Newfoundland / Canada · 2016   sea for one


Sunset in Newfoundland, Canada

Newfoundland / Canada · 2016   fire sea


Cliffs and the sea in Newfoundland, Canada

Newfoundland / Canada · 2016   cliffs dressed in shrubs


Nova Scotia / Canada's Coastal Suburb


Nova Scotia / Canada · 2016   that kind of town


Nova Scotia / Canada · 2016   that kind of home


Nova Scotia felt like a place where you'd want to start a family. Canada's coastal suburb. It made sense to experience it through the eyes and ties of someone who grew up there and who took us on a journey through her childhood home, where she caressed her memories, and we caressed her cats.


PEI / About that

Flowers and forest in PEI, Canada

PEI / Canada · 2016   color-coded


Can't say that I know much or feel much about PEI – can I offer you some pictures?


Historic house in PEI, Canada

PEI / Canada · 2016   a restaurant if you can afford it




photos | urban

Office Prison Symmetry

behind bars: office or prison? 

Looking at it from the outside, I can’t help seeing bars in the symmetry that comes with the sterile and institutional blueprints of office buildings around the world. see more

photos | urban

Night Delight

allures of the dark side

...for the daring nocturnal creatures among us, there is a deserted, silent world waiting after hours; and like moths we flutter towards its discoveries, wherever a speck of light flecks the darkness.   see more

photos | urban

North America

from the back alleys to the avenues and back

From across the pond a child had dreamt what are memories now. What the books and films and songs had suggested was all true – the cities were as vast as they were tall and their lights always a million more than fathomable, and all the expected unusual cars were parked in all the right alleys.  see more

photos | landscapes


wilderness heart

The glaciers looked like petrified tsunamis, and the psychedelic lagoons like glitches, and that altitude canyon like an abyss in the sky. see more





in North America

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