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a glimpse

Dubrovnik / Croatia · 2017   a hole in the night


   I tripped over Croatia on my way from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Montenegro. I landed softly because everything was made from cotton candy, but it was too sweet for me. I tried hitchhiking out of it all, waiting for a four-wheeled benefactor that never showed. Word in Bosnia was that Croatia is a little colder. Word. No hesitant slowing, no question marks in their eyes, no one inclined to the shoulder, no nothing. After an hour or two I trudged to the bus station. Goodbye country.


a glimpse


The coast is where it all began, yesterday, and where it will all end, tomorrow.

Dubrovnik / Croatia · 2017   afterglow, glow, glow

Our forefathers built fortresses on cliffs to keep out the other, but all they really did was locking themselves in.

Dubrovnik / Croatia · 2017   stone on rock

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places / stories


Dubrovnik / Everyone Was Where Everyone Was


Dubrovnik / Croatia · 2017   where the sea landed

Dubrovnik reeked of tourism and kelp, not entirely unpleasant, just another victim of its own success and glory, swallowing itself whole. But as everywhere, everyone was where everyone was and the back alleys were empty, fresh, and real, especially after the night washed out the day.



Dubrovnik / Croatia · 2017   we are all here, always


Dubrovnik / Croatia · 2017   man and his wall



and just like that, Rose the rose rose where it was darkest


Dubrovnik / Croatia · 2017   dark rose


cat and fish, catoonish



Dubrovnik / Croatia · 2017   catfish



Dubrovnik / Croatia · 2017   cruising into the roundabout




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Afterglow Fader

when Night slays Day, we stand in its way

…the last fire in the sky ebbs into paler shades of orange and yellow, before wandering west on the spectrum towards far colors like indigo. Meanwhile, on earth’s surface, civilization flips the switch to side with the day, and bulbs drip into the evanescent stream of hues like florescent droplets… see more

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Night Delight

allures of the dark side

...for the daring nocturnal creatures among us, there is a deserted, silent world waiting after hours; and like moths we flutter towards its discoveries, wherever a speck of light flecks the darkness.   see more

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Europe & Middle East

idyllic lovescapes

There wasn’t much space left for Her to go wild, because Man had spread all over the place. But there were pockets and the smaller the pockets the more space they had for little idyllic lovescapes. see more

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shingle mingle with cobble wobble

With all that shingle mingle and cobble wobble going on, Europe looked pretty cozy in its old gold skin. see more





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