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just a glimpse, stay tuned for more to explore  ·  MilesAstray unfolds in retrospect. I was living these stories full time, now I’m penning them down. Head over to the countries page for the latest places/stories.


a glimpse



glimpse: PIECE | Oh Santorini sun, fiery minx, you set like no other; all dressed in amorous promises, you lean in to kiss the horizon and our voluptuous human longing for romance becomes so tangible. But, alas, the faster you near the embrace, the more passion becomes skirmish. To hell with loving surrender, everybody doesn’t want peace; a piece is what we crave! We miss gentle caresses down here, in this crossfire of sharp elbows and hectic shutter shot staccatos; but none of us can afford time or space for sentiments while demanding our rightful peek. Like the tide below, the second wave of people has arrived to replace the first; yet, the flesh pours in erratically, unlike the smoothly transitioning surf. We are all here, now, but not in the moment and not together. Oh Santorini sun, you lured us with union, but all you gave was divide. Now you wander west to seduce another sorry lot of naïve fools, leaving us in the dark.

natural layers


Sarakiniko, Milos

manmade layers


_Imerovigli, Santorini







places / stories

Athens / The Rise and Fall of Empires
yet to be written
Milos / Seasonal Work Life
yet to be written
Santorini / Where Are the Real People?
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Athens / The Rise and Fall of Empires

Who’s next?


Former empires might have traded their swords for pencils, yet the battlefields remain and the war for growth and power goes on.

Milos / Seasonal Work Life

yet to be written

stay tuned

Santorini / Where Are the Real People?

yet to be written

stay tuned




photos | people

The Observer Effect: Momentary Momentum

raw life instants

...the camera’s skill to freeze the momentary momentum in-between scenes is nothing short of miraculous and reminds me of a quirky phenomenon in the quantum realm: the observer effect. see more

photos | urban

Afterglow Fader

when the sun dims down, civilization lights up

...the last fire in the sky ebbs into paler shades of orange and yellow, before wandering west on the spectrum towards far tones like indigo. Meanwhile, on earth’s surface, civilization flips the switch and soon droplets of artificial light bathe in the interplay of hues... see more

photos | urban


shingle mingle with cobble wobble

With all that shingle mingle and cobble wobble going on, Europe looked pretty cozy in its old gold skin. see more

photos | landscapes

Europe & Middle East

idyllic scenes

In corners of the world where everything is a bit smaller, there's space for idyllic scenery – from gentle mountains with pastoral valleys to moody coastlines. see more






in Europe

Bosnia & Herzegovina
Balkan heart
medieval glamour
meadow by the sea
European south-north blend
on track on time
hued life
Europe's youngest
Adriatic allure
attuned to the sea
from the East to the West
passionate siesta
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North America


Uyuni / Traversing the Zig-Zag Road between Pain and Pleasure

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Window Worlds

different world, same life