Burano, Venice/ Italy · 2021   color corners


   Ciao. If I were to put Italy and everyone and everything in it into one word, it would be ciao. But I would need to say it out loud and get the intonation just right, the melody of this nonchalant and sticky four-letter word. If you get the intonation right, ciao has the weight of a heavy dark-red wine. When you say it right, the texture is honey and the consistency cheese strings and the color also cheese strings, white-yellow. Ciao is friendly, the C with arms wide open and the i winking, the a and o looking at you all googly. Ciao is yummy and a kiss too, one that smacks. Ciao is a welcome and a goodbye, but a goodbye that is only ever a prelude to another welcome. Round around the edges and with a southern tan, ciao is beautiful, soft, and warm.


a glimpse


Burano, Venice / Italy · 2021   pink glitch


Burano, Venice / Italy · 2021   home blues



Burano, Venice / Italy · 2021   912



breaking hearts since 1597

Verona / Italy · 2021   love in stone

He called that lazy human dominance and raised it an animal fierceness.

Lake Garda / Italy · 2021   swan lake







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Venice / When is Venice?


Venice / Italy · 2021   birthing boats

Venice / Italy · 2021   primary colors

When is Venice? Because it doesn’t look like it is now. It is a replica of a fairytale and at least one hundred million stories old. I wonder how deep the water in the canals is, but I don’t want to look it up. Because I’m not sure if I want it to be very deep or not deep at all. Every time I cross a bridge, I fantasize about plunging in, eyes first to see what she is wearing underneath.



Venice / Italy · 2021   water curves


You have to get lost in Venice for as long as you can. Bridge after bridge after bridge, always running in circles. Once you know every street and understand the ways of the maze, everything shrinks considerably, and it irks. Throughout the city, there are pedestrian highways that are understood, and everyone who wants to move fast or has a plan sticks to them. All silence and charm retreats into the alleyways.

Venice / Italy · 2021   please don’t sit here


An ambulance, a police patrol, a bus, a mailman, a bunch of teenagers borrowing dad’s ride – all of them boats.


Venice / Italy · 2021   water mail



Venice / Italy · 2021   everyone place


Venice / Italy · 2021   self-absorbed together



Burano, Venice / Italy · 2021   asymmetrical colors

Venice / Italy · 2021   brick window

Not much green, but more blue than anywhere else. The lagoon is salty, its islands sweet drops.



Burano, Venice / Italy · 2021   local alien



Burano, Venice / Italy · 2021   rainbow wave



Venice / Italy · 2021   flying laundry


Venice is intense and you mustn’t overdose on it, so that you can come back for another hit.



Verona / Love Plots and Knots


Verona / Italy · 2021   warm stairs


How many real loves might have lived and died in Verona, where Romeo and Juliet’s is buried? Shakespeare eternalized Verona and now it must always exist lest the band between one man’s imagination and everyone else’s factualities be severed.



Verona / Italy · 2021   building along the bend


Verona / Italy · 2021   river blueprint



Lake Garda / Pretty Pretty


Lake Garda / Italy · 2021   under a tree in summer



Lake Garda / Italy · 2021   life on the rocks


Pretty pretty lake. Everyone wants it, everyone gets it.



Lake Garda / Italy · 2021   sunbathing in the lake



Lake Garda / Italy · 2021   sun pier



Lake Garda / Italy · 2021   radioactive pool




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