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a glimpse

Main square in Pristina, Kosovo

glimpse: YOUNGEST | Kosovo is Europe’s youngest in every sense of the word: the population’s age averages at a tender 29 years and the country has only been recognized as such since 2008. And what’s youth if not a fast lane in which we fishtail towards raw horizons, driven by challenges and potentials? Such is the promising quandary of Kosovo too, where unemployment was at 27.5 % in 2016, but had considerably fallen from 57 % in 2001.

Bill Clinton statue









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Pristina / Indifferent

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Prizren / Imagination Trap

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Afterglow Fader

when Night slays Day, we stand in its way

…the last fire in the sky ebbs into paler shades of orange and yellow, before wandering west on the spectrum towards far colors like indigo. Meanwhile, on earth’s surface, civilization flips the switch to side with the day, and bulbs drip into the evanescent stream of hues like florescent droplets… see more

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The Observer Effect: Momentary Momentum

in-between instants

...the camera’s skill to freeze the momentary momentum in-between scenes is nothing short of miraculous and reminds me of a quirky phenomenon in the quantum realm: the observer effect. see more

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shingle mingle with cobble wobble

With all that shingle mingle and cobble wobble going on, Europe looked pretty cozy in its old gold skin. see more

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Europe & Middle East

idyllic scenes

In corners of the world where everything is a bit smaller, there's space for idyllic scenery – from gentle mountains with pastoral valleys to moody coastlines. see more





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