Luang Prabang   Days before the festival all the temples lit up in warm candlelight already.




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a glimpse


glimpse: FOOD FOR THOUGHT | Austerity is a narrow gateway. Most material possessions are too bulky to fit through. The flood of overindulgence is too wide to pass it whole. Merely a humble iota of societal diversions makes it to the other side and accompanies the Buddhist monk on his path to raw consciousness and spiritual enlightenment. Only after shaving off all distractions delivered by the senses, the innermost mind is sharpened into necessary focus for the journey toward awareness. But concentration can only voyage as long as the belly is fed. The blossoming mind can’t escape its organic roots. And so the monk’s quest is nourished by the alms giving lay people, who in return feed off good Karma and the Buddhist teachings. A mutual exchange of food for thought.

Tiny villages fleck the countryside out there close to the Vietnamese border, far off any beaten path.


Na Meo Border


Kuang Si   The turquoise stream made its way through the forest.






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Countryside / Motorcycle Encounters

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Kuang Si Falls / What a Difference a Day Makes

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Luang Prabang / Off the Beaten Path on the Beaten Path

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Human Shake

what a fine blend we are

This collection is a blender, so watch out that you don’t end up in it one day. see more

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Not Pity Poor: Grace of the Life Lottery's Runner Ups

fortitude and perseverance forged in a hard place

Pity is misplaced here; awareness is welcome and so is action. There are many ways to even out the chances of a slanted life lottery... see more

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South(east) Asia

crisp cultures, humble homes, beta blueprints

And if it really were deities who had made it all, they had done a wonderful job, freehand and with a wink. see more

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neon-rice & snowy white

In a realm so contrasting that it juxtaposes the world's highest peaks with some of its most paradisiacal beaches, there's naturally much to see: gargantuan caves, neon green rice paddies, bizarre monoliths, brackish lagoons, blue lava and a volcano inside a volcano to name but a few. see more





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