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just a glimpse, stay tuned for more to explore  ·  MilesAstray unfolds in retrospect. I was living these stories full time, now I’m penning them down. Head over to the countries page for the latest places/stories.


a glimpse



glimpse: ORCHESTRATED CHAOS | Some consider the Medina of Fes the world’s largest pedestrian zone. True or false, it certainly is a maze for the feet and senses, carrying you through its veins on odors, hue and madness. And yet, the chaos seems strangely orchestrated, a frenzied symphony guided by invisible notes playing between narrow alley lines, which shower you with rays or shove you into the lingering shades.  

glimpse: THE LAST RAYS | I was trying to find my way out of the labyrinth that the Medina of Fes threw at my feet and senses, while the last rays pierced the narrow alley-twists. So low now in the sky, the sun lent just enough light to freeze this moment in time beautifully before calling it a day. Teasing the nearing night whose black melts all into one, the far star cut silhouettes from the gloom, creating one last outline for the street’s characters to tell their stories.

the same technique as in Latin America or Asia









places / stories

yet to be written
Chefchaouen / The Color Blue, Understanding Breakfast & Hash
yet to be written
Fes / Back in the Maze
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Chefchaouen / The Color Blue, Understanding Breakfast & Hash

yet to be written

stay tuned

Fes / Back in the Maze

yet to be written

stay tuned




photos | people

Outside Job

when your office isn’t anywhere near an office

...nobody robbed us of our freedom; it was an inside job we signed up for. Outside jobs, by contrast, are not always a deliberate choice and oftentimes the harder labor, but they come with a certain spatial freedom... see more

photos | urban

Afterglow Fader

when the sun dims down, civilization lights up

...the last fire in the sky ebbs into paler shades of orange and yellow, before wandering west on the spectrum towards far tones like indigo. Meanwhile, on earth’s surface, civilization flips the switch and soon droplets of artificial light bathe in the interplay of hues... see more

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lands of earth-old tales

Considering that Africa is thought to be our cradle, this journey leads through the first landscapes humans ever laid eyes on – mystical soil that spans from the oldest desert in the world to the enormous wetlands of the Okavango Delta, across lush mountain ranges to turquoise coastlines. see more

photos | urban


streets of disparity, mazes for the senses

a patchwork of colorful culture, systemic poverty and flaunted luxuries see more





in Africa

delta marvels
Sub-Saharan otherness
old as earth
miniature giant
South Africa
tales of beauty & disparity
vast lakes & tiny houses
greenery & mighty falls
ancient story on a beautiful stage
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North America


Uyuni / Traversing the Zig-Zag Road between Pain and Pleasure

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Window Worlds

different world, same life