Deorali, Himalayas   the Himalayan breeze encourages the prayer flags to dance indefinitely. 



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a glimpse


glimpse: MOMENT FROZEN IN DUST | In the ancient street dust and light conspired to freeze the people in time for a moment; laughs, contagious yawns and much momentum blend into a human kaleidoscope of gestures and emotions in this shot, taken in Bhaktapur, Nepal.

glimpse: OVERLOOKING THE OBVIOUS | Swayambhunath Stupa, to the linguistically challenged foreigner more commonly known as “Monkey Temple,” sits enthroned on one of Kathmandu’s hills, offering  generous vistas over Nepal’s capital to those who don’t shy away from the intimidating stairway. Given the name, it’s hardly surprising to see monkeys here and the presence of prayer flags or intricate wood carvings isn’t very puzzling either. With so much going on in the frame it’s easy to overlook the one element that should actually stand out most – the curious clock. I never really noticed it until years later even though it begs for questioning: who are the young man and his female companion with the fancy shades? And why are they hanging on the wall of one of Nepal’s oldest and most sacred religious sites? Riddle me that!

glimpse: HIMALAYAN UPS AND DOWNS | In 1953, when Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary made their strenuous way into the history books by setting first feet on the summit of Mt. Everest, they started their expedition in Jiri. Nowadays, the vast majority of amateur and professional hikers cut out the first leg of the Nepalese Everest Base Camp trek by flying straight into Lukla, even though it is said to be the most dangerous airport in the world – a hypothesis backed by frequent incidents. Even during peak season, the week-long Jiri trail remains almost deserted, before the crowds join in Lukla – for better or worse: good for those who cherish a terrain unsullied by tourism, bad for the Sherpa who built a brittle existence on this very tourism. Their services as guides and porters are no longer required and the cozy guesthouses stay empty. It’s a trail marked by pristine beauty and adorned with tiny cobblestone villages from long-gone centuries, nestled in rice terraces climbing up and down the breathtaking mountain range.


Monkey Temple, Kathmandu   And so the prayer bells were set in motion.

Dagchu, Himalayas   among clouds







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Bhaktapur / Life Inside a World Heritage Site

yet to be written

stay tuned

Himalayas / Hiking Alone, Astray & Everestless

when you set out to see Everest, but Everest doesn’t care


And after a while, seeing or not seeing Everest became a mere matter of perspective.

Kathmandu / And Then the Earthquake

yet to be written

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South(east) Asia

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in South(east) Asia