Sandfly Bay, Dunedin   Throughout the country there was something spectacular to see behind almost every curve; quite literally.




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Mt. Eden, Auckland   Wherever you stand in New Zealand, odds are that your eyes meet some mountains and an ocean. Even in the cities.


Kaikoura   Throw a stone and you'll likely hit a seal, a penguin, or a sheep. So don't throw a stone.

Safe to say that every way is the right way down there.


Fairwell Spit, Tasman







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North Island / Being in the Moment & Being in a long Distance Relationship

yet to be written

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South Island / Travel Freedom in Nature Wonderland

yet to be written

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Have You Become an Arrogant Travel-Bully Yet?


when traveling corrupts the humility it should spark

Let’s wipe off that conceited smile, suggesting that we’re carrying an unraveled world in our backpack. read more

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Must I Really Though?


musts outnumbering wants in your wanderlust soles

...strapped into our backpacks, to declare guerrilla war on bleak society regimes with Mondays? Every child is more of a rebel, when Mom allots musts... read more

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next door to the sea

There was more water than land down there and they settled where they landed, near the ocean that was their only connection with home – a water-band that would never be severed. see more

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Nature doing her thing

For every town there were a hundred islands, for every street a dozen beaches, and every house was outnumbered by a squadron of palm trees... see more





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