Masaya Volcano   mighty chimney




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a glimpse

Fumes at Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua

glimpse: THIN CRUST | Making for but one minuscule percent of our planet’s mass, the crust we walk on is a fine layer in every sense of the word: all life we know happens on this thin stage, separating us from an underneath, where lava flows like blood through earth’s veins. Masaya volcano in Nicaragua is a portal to that largely unknown underworld with its all-consuming furnace and fumes. A vent for earth’s hot breath, it constantly exhales sulfur dioxide that fuses seamlessly with the placid clouds of the heavens above.

nature painting with neon colors



Green lizzard sitting on a stone in Nicaragua


Granada   what a flirt


Concepción, Ometepe   dormant colossus







places / stories

Granada / Between Localism and Tourism

yet to be written

stay tuned

Laguna de Apoyo & Massaya volcano / Doing Your Thing

yet to be written

stay tuned

Ometepe / What's a Hike's Reward?

yet to be written

stay tuned




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What You Perceive & What It Is: Volunteering Outlook vs. Actual Impact


subjective vs. objective evaluations of volunteering results could be a little step on a very individual level, like a kid having an aha moment while learning simple math; or it could be the large scale implementation of a project that brings about systemic and sustainable empowerment of a community... read more

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How to Find Free Volunteering Opportunities around the World

avoiding costly and ethically precarious voluntourism agencies

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wilderness heart

The glaciers looked like petrified tsunamis, and the psychedelic lagoons like glitches, and that altitude canyon like an abyss in the sky. see more

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Central America

rusty realms on tomorrow's verge

yesterday’s heritage decaying gracefully while the future is arriving see more





in Central America