Panama City   The capital only catapults some to skyline heights, while most are left behind.




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a glimpse

Renovated house next to run down house - gentrification in Panama City


glimpse: GENTRIFICATION | An old town, truly, by the looks of it, Casco Viejo is a living witness to Colonialism and the origins of Panama City. It might be in decay – on its deathbed really, architecturally speaking – but it’s alive with people that descended a long line. Many of them are dwellers, who’ve occupied the brittle buildings for generations informally at no charge. But their eviction is imminent, wherever it hasn’t happened yet, ever since Casco Viejo became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The fame ushered in foreign investors and a swarm of tourists, so now the old town is getting a facelift to house fine hotels, chic restaurants, boutiques and frozen yoghurt parlors. The gentrification of Casco Viejo is supposed to be in accordance with a framework of guidelines, leaving some room for locals and their culture, and supporting those being evicted. But if you ask around, if you look at the banners and demonstrations, the bottom line is that many are forced out of a place they call home, no matter how rotten, or how much better off they might be elsewhere. I’m dizzy from seeing the same pattern on repeat: yesterday’s colonialist halfheartedly disguised as today’s capitalist, still subjugating those who belong.

The rainy season washes out most tourists and leaves behind this lonely Eden.


Bluff Beach, Bocas del Toro







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Bocas del Toro / Sammy

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Panama City / Hostel or Couch?

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