Ko Pha Ngan   baby mangroves



just a glimpse, stay tuned for more to explore  ·  MilesAstray unfolds in retrospect. I was living these stories full time, now I’m penning them down. Head over to the countries page for the latest places/stories.


a glimpse


glimpse: PARADISE CAVE | As vacationers piled up along Krabi’s beaches, the empty caves eyed them with sadness. Sitting all alone in the limestone, they overlooked the paradises below and allowed for vistas second to none; yet none of the people second guessed their beach day, none had a second to spare for the serene and shady grottos. The light at the end of the tunnel was Eden indeed, but nobody was willing to venture the darkness first and shouldering such secluded secrets so solemnly sowed solitary suffering.

Hard to find something you don't find at Chatuchak Market.




Ao Nang   strolling


Phra Nang   Neither the rainy season, nor the Dengue fever could taint the allure. And for a moment the allure made up for the torrent of vacationers and the ghastly infrastructure that catered to them.







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yet to be written
Bangkok / Dengue Days
yet to be written
Ko Pha Ngan / Tourist Terror
yet to be written
Krabi / Victim of Its Beauty
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Bangkok / Dengue Days

yet to be written

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Ko Pha Ngan / Tourist Terror

yet to be written

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Krabi / Victim of Its Beauty

yet to be written

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photos | people

Outside Job

when your office isn’t anywhere near an office

...nobody robbed us of our freedom; it was an inside job we signed up for. Outside jobs, by contrast, are not always a deliberate choice and oftentimes the harder labor, but they come with a certain spatial freedom... see more

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Disposable Nature


human agency in the enslavement of nature


...equipped with consciousness we are quite possibly the only animal around that has a notion of tomorrow and certainly the only one capable of actively shaping our future days together... see more

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neon-rice & snowy white

In a realm so contrasting that it juxtaposes the world's highest peaks with some of its most paradisiacal beaches, there's naturally much to see: gargantuan caves, neon green rice paddies, bizarre monoliths, brackish lagoons, blue lava and a volcano inside a volcano to name but a few. see more

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South(east) Asia

humble homes & visionary blueprints

intricate slums & ancient temples witnessing futuristic skylines on the rise see more





in South(east) Asia

green and specked with temples
complex and wondrous fabric
diversity of 18,000 islands
lush & tranquil realm
blend of contrasting flavors
Himalayan heart
joyous culture, island nature
future vision
Sri Lanka
of vistas, beaches & animals
much latitude, much to see
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North America


Uyuni / Traversing the Zig-Zag Road between Pain and Pleasure

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Window Worlds

different world, same life