Burj Khalifa under construction in 2009

Burj Khalifa, Dubai / UAE · 2009   They molded the city, wide and tall, in the sky's furnace.





   I don’t have much to say about the UAE, because I didn’t feel much there, because my heart wasn’t in it, and so I wasn’t really there at all. Everything, every tiny and huge thing and ambition and craving was so forcefully tall, so irreversibly far over the top, so painfully pretentious. God-sized palms in the making, Babylonian towers thrusting into the burning sky like antennas communicating all the wrong messages, messages of wealth at all cost and shameless pride. Maybe I will be back after it all collapses.  






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every corner a superlative

Atlantis the Palm, Dubai / UAE · 2009   a bathtub for the world's largest fish







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Dubai / Dark Playground: Luxury at What Price?

a look behind the mega-facade

Ever taller came at a price paid in more than dollars.




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And places rich in history gave birth to places richer in riches. see more

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There wasn’t much space left for Her to go wild, because Man had spread all over the place. But there were pockets and the smaller the pockets the more space they had for little idyllic lovescapes. see more





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