Disposable Nature

Man emptying his convenience store

   Man’s vanity is killer, truly. Walks into nature like a convenience store, grabs a bunch of animals and trees, a few liters of ocean, until the shelves are empty. Nature fills them up over night, but not always and everywhere. Man doesn’t care.

Once, Man was just another link in the food chain – eat until eaten – but he found the key to take it off, opposable thumbs, and with his dim wits made a lasso out of that chain to enslave every creature that is yummy or helpful or beautiful. He makes a mess everywhere he goes and stands, and he cannot be bothered to clean up after himself.

Nature isn’t happy, you can tell. She doesn’t complain out loud, but her passive aggressive ways cannot be misunderstood, unless man tries very hard to misunderstand her. He isn’t a great listener. He’s busy. Wars, TV, soccer. He’s taking her for granted, but he’ll get it as soon as it’s too late.

Nature isn’t gonna go anywhere, but she’s gonna kick him out. Then it’s just gonna be her and her cats.


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