Disposable Nature

human agency in the enslavement of nature

    At times I am perplexed by the vanity of man. What vast arrogance drives us to not only take nature for granted, but to downright enslave it? What's the justification? Is it consciousness, to our understanding the main human distinction from other animals? "Other animals" is the phrasing of somebody who believes that we are just another animal on this planet. What’s wrong with that? Is the wonder of life itself too drab to meet our exalted eye, while cowering at our feet? It is this very egotistical presence of man, which you see in this collection, without the predator even making an appearance.

Maybe, given their circumstances, it is difficult for some to care for an environment that only ever so faintly complains. It isn’t a priority to dispose of garbage, when your individual challenges are more pressing than distant future visions of a crumbling planet; when you haven’t eaten in days you might curse earth more than you cherish it.

And what if there was no waste collection? Would you not toss it out of the window? Elsewhere the excuses are thinner; as thin as entertainment, when tourists hit golf balls into a pristine lake just for the sake of showing off.

Who’s to say how much a fish suffers, when its ocean is an overpopulated aquarium? Or when it is kept alive with an occasional splash of water, to look fresh while slowly suffocating?

"If we don't change our ways, if we keep putting our species on a pedestal, while demolishing the natural foundation underneath, we're bound to fall."

Our ecological sin spans across all continents and sullies our life-giving elements – earth water and air. 

If we don't change our ways, if we keep putting our species on a pedestal, while demolishing the natural foundation underneath, we're bound to fall. We know that. Why is it so hard to act on it? It's because our impact is only now becoming more obvious and its consequences more imminent. That's the crux - we live in the now, far detached from future responsibility. When all the signs of climate change are finally evident, its course will be as irreversible as the extinction of species we chose to sacrifice for the petty sake of trophies and exquisite meals. We consider ourselves one fine intelligent being, so now would be the opportune and perhaps last chance to behave as such. Equipped with consciousness we are quite possibly the only animal around that has a notion of tomorrow and certainly the only one capable of actively shaping our future days together.


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