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lanky longitude




Valparaíso / Chile · 2014   utility turned art







   With so much longitude and barely any latitude, Chile is a lanky country, and its elbows and frowns were a little sharper than those of its Latin American neighbors. More money, more West, more elitism. We arrived in Valparaíso the same day as the Tsunami, but we left before the fire. In Santiago, two and a half of us got into Lollapalooza. And Patagonia had wild horses and wild roads.


a glimpse

Along these forever highways time was without essence. But when you’re waiting to hitch a ride, forever can be a long time.


Patagonia / Chile · 2014   seductive road


When I saw the wild horses I loved them and I felt for them, because what does it mean to be free without a choice?


Chiloe, Patagonia / Chile · 2014   wild horses






places / stories

Patagonia / Hitchhiking Chronicles & Idle Waiting

why waiting doesn’t feel like leisure

Just why do moments of waiting feel so dull and wasted? Why do we have to “kill” that time?

Santiago de Chile / Lollapaloser

that time I tried to sneak in and got what I paid for

Naturally, Kant's principals on intention are noble, intact, and upright, while mine were lazy at best. Pragmatically speaking though, it was more of a no harm, no foul situation and this factual utilitarian reality was more convenient for me that day.


Valparaíso / TV, Tsunami, Fire, Neruda and the Quintessence of Hills & Timing

ups and downs: a poetic matter of perspective

Still, there was no denying that this little TV set was the unanimous center of attention right now with eight eyes between us fully devoted to it: an 8.2 earthquake off the Chilean Pacific coast was sending a Tsunami right our way and suddenly we felt a gust of appreciation for every meter our journey had led us up the raven hill.


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