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on track on time


Eating ice cream in the streets of Münster, Germany

Münster / Germany · 2018   busy with ice cream


   Germany, you function too well. You’re always way too early to be on time. Your work ethos is spelled o-v-e-r-d-e-d-i-c-a-t-i-o-n. Your etiquette is too adequate. Your plans drag on for too long. And you’re a little uptight – you know that right? And why oh way do you always have to complain?

Well, that’s the official version anyway. But whenever the neighbors aren’t watching you are naughty, aren’t you? That’s when I wonder whether you are freer a thinker or freer a spirit, whether you’re more progressive or compassionate, more hipster or underground, more electro or rap. You are warmer underneath and you “have your heart in the right place,” as the Rhinelanders say.


a glimpse


passages   ELECTRIFIED | In the beginning we created the light. And we saw that it was good. Now there is so much light, so much power, source enough for good and bad, for better or worse. Today our high-tech church is benevolent bliss built on a greedy grid. Tomorrow it will be a sanctuary or a ruin.


passages   DAY IN MAY | On a rainy day in May I cast my doubts aside, because it felt too easy when the sun was bright. Now I don’t mind the ripe sky, hanging low and heavy, or the faith that has long since left me, as rain is growth and small soon tall. Best make it a flash flood to wash that grime off of my mind, so I can jumpstart my heart and make the way I depart my art.



Cologne / Germany · 2018   Kranhaus


where he took flight


Koblenz / Germany · 2018   skateboard outboard

where the flying car stranded


Cologne / Germany · 2021   golden bird


Meckenheim / Germany · 2018   fishing in the creek






places / stories


NRW / Heart in the Right Place


Bonn / Germany · 2018   into the domestic wild

Thankfully, they had installed enough rules and norms to break them at every corner.


Lake Laach / Germany · 2018   lumberjack

Bonn / Germany · 2018   bent sign

Everything was arranged neatly and organized thoughtfully, and there were good reasons for this reasoning. A no-nonsense country made sense.


Münster / Germany · 2018   algae allergy


Münster / Germany · 2018   a neat arrangement of cozy colors


Münster / Germany · 2018   only love letters

Old city gate in Ahrweiler, Germany

Plans were good, but more plans were better, and longer plans best. Like long-term, you know?

Ahrweiler / Germany · 2018   time portal

Because you can’t borrow from tomorrow. And why worry about tomorrow tomorrow, if you can worry about it today and then tomorrow with interest?

Inside Aachen cathedral, Germany

Aachen / Germany · 2018  glassy womb

The nation advanced earnestly, but with the awkwardness of a lanky adolescent taking two stairs at a time.


Bonn / Germany · 2018   black blossom

kids during an excursion to a creek

Meckenheim / Germany · 2018   excursion

All mocking aside, Germany did come through when it mattered. With heart, compassion, spontaneity, flexibility, openness, fierceness, and love.




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