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irreversibly far over the top


Burj Khalifa under construction in 2009

Burj Khalifa, Dubai / UAE · 2009   They molded the city, wide and tall, in the sky's furnace.





   I don’t have much to say about the UAE, because I didn’t feel much there, because my heart wasn’t in it, and so I wasn’t really there at all. Everything, every tiny and huge thing and ambition and craving was so forcefully tall, so irreversibly far over the top, so painfully pretentious. God-sized palms in the making, Babylonian towers thrusting into the burning sky like antennas communicating all the wrong messages, messages of wealth at all cost and shameless pride. Maybe I will be back after it all collapses.  






a glimpse

every corner a superlative

Atlantis the Palm, Dubai / UAE · 2009   a bathtub for the world's largest fish






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Dubai / Dark Playground: Luxury at What Price?

a look behind the mega-facade

Ever taller came at a price paid in more than dollars.


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