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unidentified identity


zerbaijan’s identity remains unidentified. Diverging influences pull it into all directions at the continental crossroads. Diversity, that beautiful mess.


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Baku / The Formula 1 Formula

   I didn’t know they had a Formula 1 track in Baku, much less that the circus was in town. I just happened upon it, as one does who travels prior to research, who builds conceptions and misconceptions and opinions from scratch rather than assembling the premade kits on sale. The race was a grave nuisance to anybody who could count to 1. If you’ve seen one round, you’ve seen all. That’s why they call it Formula 1. It’s a circuit for Chrissake. A circuit that strangled the old town and there was only one perforation that led in. It was a hole in time more so than in space and once you slipped through it, there was a Baku on the other side that was its own yellowed ghost, silent as a soul.