Evolutionary Kaleidoscope

discovering nature's blueprint-variety

  Evolution is incredible, believe (in) it or not! It is the long and complex link between life's dawn in single-celled organisms and its awakening in human consciousness. So much change has happened along nature's journey, so many blueprints tried and altered and dismissed and reinvented. And the perpetual metamorphosis goes on – let's have a look at some of the species sharing today's earth.


a glimpse



glimpse: WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE? | Knowledge and wisdom aren’t always the answer. Ask any child about their favorite color, food or animal and they’ll shoot you a straight answer. The best reply you’ll get from most adults is a long pause, while in the worst case scenario clarifying questions boomerang back at you. We’re over thinking what can’t be thought, but only felt. My favorite animal as a child: penguin. Yours?

donkey in the streets of Agra, India


glimpse: TAJ MAHAL | Visiting Agra is visiting the Taj Mahal. Fair enough. It is something to write home about. Ideally on a postcard. One with the picturesque marble marvel on it. But, if you do happen to bring some spare time, or better yet, make some, and if you invest it into Agra’s alley twists, you’re in for a spin: at every corner another quintessential Indian cosmos, harboring subtle yet infinite clues to cultural lessons beyond Mughal architecture. A burning pile of trash. A donkey eating from it. Purple. Turquoise. A roller shutter house. Ads on trees. Etc. In Agra, like anywhere, the local ordinary is extraordinarily foreign to the fleeting visitor, and its ever new appearance dwells between any rigid guidebook lines.

Dog shelter in Kazakhstan


glimpse: WOULD YOU RATHER | Would you rather be fed, safe and unfree or hungry, unprotected and free? Would you rather have someone take care of you or take care of yourself? Would you rather live in a shelter with hundreds of others or be alone? Would you rather stay stray or become domestic? Would you rather put up with a -30 °C Kazakh winter or be put down?


glimpse: THE LAST TUSK | Hunting game is not a hunting game. When trophy hunger replaces hunger, it’s merely human arrogance intruding upon nature’s verdict over life and death for something as petty as decor. Mr. Trump – this is a no-brainer, so actually right up your alley! Do you really want to take a step towards the last tusk?  









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