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  pricing update Nov 4th - lock in the current prices now  





Due to rising supply chain costs, a MilesAstray pricing update will come into effect on November 4th.


take advantage of the current pricing

Need a new look for your walls? Need a thoughtful Christmas present? Don't need anything, but like to browse? Stop by the MilesAstray shop today to take advantage of the current pricing and turn bad news into good news.


Full of new items and boasting a fresh look, the MilesAstray shop has never been more shop-worthy.

Here's some inspiration:


white border prints · starting at 35 €


borderless prints · starting at 40 €


framed prints · starting at 110 €


limited edition prints · starting at 200 €


fine art prints · starting at 1.200 €


glimpses prints · starting at 300 €


get art that gets you

Art is what you see in it. Travel the diversity of the MilesAstray collections to arrive at artwork that is you. It's now or never (that cheap again;).


what else?

This and that, here and there, but that's for the next full newsletter. This here is flesh-less flash-news.

So long,


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