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  To all you gifted gift-givers, here's something they don't have yet



May 16, 2012 is the day I set out for my journey, so in theory I send out a monthly newsletter around that time. In practice, this fickle newsletter is sporadic at best and you never know when it’ll hit you. If you want these unpredictable updates delivered straight to your inbox, sign up here:

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There's still time to shine with that special present for your special someones. MilesAstray prints are the perfect gift for anyone who likes the world, lives in the world, or would like to move there someday. Also, travel-tramps, photography-phreaks, and art-addicts.


Order yesterday to get it in time!

Get ahead of the season's shipping madness! Order now, so that I can outfit your mail pigeon asap.

Look! Inspiration!

Having harvested the world for the last ten years, the MilesAstray shop is bursting at the seams with handpicked photos, some fresh, some aged. Look here for inspiration:


white border prints


borderless prints


framed prints


limited edition prints


fine art prints


glimpses prints


the aesthetics of reality

Raw, bold, original. Considering reality the truest aesthetic, MilesAstray depicts the world as is. No tricks, no hyper-stylized post-production cosmetics, nothing staged, nothing fake. Unpretentious, unfiltered, unconventional.


what else?

I'm back in South America where I started my ongoing journey a decade ago, retracing some of my favorite steps, reconnecting with citizens of my heart, and running with an old self of mine. I'll show you what that looks like soon!

So long,


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