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cricket love

  If we were colorblind creatures, we wouldn’t miss a thing. We wouldn’t miss what we wouldn’t see. Of course, we’d be missing out beyond imagination, but for all practical purposes, we’d be looking at things with the same eyes.



a glimpse


glimpse: I FLY | At some point I just know I can fly. There is no pinpointing the why, how, or when, because the fact is completely unsuspicious in how natural it is. I just spread my arms and flap my arms and take off. My maneuvers are always a bit clumsy at first – as though it was the first time every time – but before long I get the hang of it (again). My flight is very vertical and helicopter-like with the feet dangling, just as you would expect of a body that isn’t made for flying. The human torso’s center of mass is just too far from the arms to allow for horizontal flight. It makes fairly good sense in terms of physics – just how do the arms generate enough lift? There’s this faint notion echoing through my mind that this might be just a dream. Obviously, it can’t be. It’s happening and the zero-gravity feel in my stomach is my witness whenever I stop flapping and plummet towards the ground. When I wake, I know it was just a dream, but I can’t help thinking that this here is just reality.


Salasaca / Ecuador · 2012   dog days



Kudumbigala Rock Monastery / Sri Lanka · 2015   chance encounter


Simien Mountains / Ethiopia · 2017   Gelada boss








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