nature of light and darkness


  None of Earth’s colors are inherent. Matter, scattered all over the planet and throughout the universe, is colorless. Only when a nearby star bothers to shine its light upon it, color bounces back at us. And from there it is all interpretation, based on unprecise measurements with a given creature’s organic visual instruments. Nature is monochrome underneath, and this is what she looks like…



a glimpse

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe


glimpse: ENORMOUSLY ELUSIVE | The more water the falls carry, the less you see them. The less water the falls carry, the more you see them disappear. Rainy season, dry season – take your pick between misty veils or bare walls; it’s hard to win with Victoria Falls. 

birch tree in winter, Canada


glimpse: STICKING OUT | The other. Sticking out of the crowd, mute or loud. We salute you, we berate you, we love you, we hate you, we revere you, we fear you. For we turn to see your blinding shine, or unsee your shame with a blind eye turned. 

Valle de las Animas, Bolivia


glimpse: ECHO TRAP | – and following his own echo got him trapped in his jagged ways before he knew it, and after he knew it. But it was a shortcut to himself and his self-determination, his agency, and, ultimately, his well-chosen freedom.


Welwitschia Plains, Swakopmund / Namibia · 2017   endless utility


Kerala / India · 2015   backwater alley







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