duality ping-pong in the color void


   The human experience is color-coded. Color helps us discern, categorize, label. But color is distraction too, chaos, madness. There are rainbows running right through us, all the time, coming in from all sides like disco lasers. Color is in us, on us, wrapped around us seven times. To be sure, to peel it off is to steal, but a theft can leave you with more, more space, more perspective, and a layer less reveals another underneath. This here is a layer of shapes and contrasts, lights and darknesses, and all sorts of existential dualities ping-ponging in our color-void core.






a glimpse


 POPCORN | I was never the biggest fan of popcorn. I prefer nachos with cheese dip for my movies. But popcorn is pretty good too actually. Especially if it’s caramelized into a sweet and salty extravaganza. Yeah no popcorn is great! Unless you have it for lunch, I guess. Dunno.


 MANY REASONS | I’ve seen these guys fight for many silly reasons, but race was never one of them.


 ANDEAN WEATHER GAMBLE | Andean weather is a gamble. All seasons in one day and swift shifts without heads up bring sketchy odds to the table, favoring lucky hands over prudent strategies when placing your bet. The day we hiked up to Cotopaxi’s glacial belt, the volcano was swathed in thick grey. It had been half an hour since we passed the refuge on 5,000 meters, but the low visibility left us without any notion of the remaining distance. Accelerating altitude hearts had long started beating a rhythm much faster than our steep steps and now mandated frequent breaks to gasp for the crisp air…



Seoul / South Korea   up there somewhere

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