inky & milky marks of civilization


   Color? Color would have been but noise, noisy blotches, splish-splash whiplash, smearing this fierce geometry, interrupting these razor lines in their architectural pursuits. And with the lines in focus one can see the trajectories through, the intent of order, civilization's ruler drawings, all quadrants filled with urban merit. Shadows chasing corners, light lurking in the upper floors, every angle fastened in achromatic symmetry.


a glimpse


glimpse: DESTINATION(LESS) | To be a place, a place just needs to be. To be a destination, a place needs to be more. Furthermore, it seems to be commonly agreed upon that a place can only become a destination, when said more is commonly agreed upon. Moreover, the more agree, the more a place becomes more. Yet, sometimes less is more, no? Unless what matters to you matters less to you than what matters to most, what’s just a place for them, might be just the place for you; a place to many, but a destination to one. Looking at this nameless house, I see an extraordinary architectural character on par with any glorified landmark, but only the destinationless can find it.

Then we built still giants to fight our battles with the elements.

Seoul / South Korea · 2014   shrunken


Tokyo / Japan · 2016   lit lives


P1080936 (3).jpg

La Recoleta, Buenos Aires / Argentina · 2014   sleeping dead

Paris / France   giant bouquet








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