one photo, one text

FISHING IN THE VAST BLUE | An entire ocean at his feet and the realization that in the end we are all alone with the sea. That we must be. To fish for our selves in the vast blue.




  head-on collision of photography and writing. You can find more glimpses dispersed throughout the photos and countries sections as well as on social media:

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STORIES | Every story has a different story and each single one is interlaced with at least one other, from the first to the last. Complex and tall do they pile, warm and cold, bright and dark to be unraveled step by step by those with the curiosity and courage to keep climbing up and down.


JOURNEY | In the end, the journey wasn't all that much about traveling.


LIFESAVER | A lifesaver. Keeping people afloat. Never letting you down, let alone letting you drown. Always there for you. Loyal, no questions asked. A lightweight, but robust. A true helper and a giver, taking in the punches of your desperately flailing arms, taking care of the ones in need without patronizing. A hero. One of the best people I know.


PRIDE  | Who better to judge whom not to judge than those who don’t judge?