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  There were life-oozing jungles and ever-never-changing deserts, out-of-reach peaks and beyond-surreal water-bodies. Some were chance discoveries known only to destinationless wanderers who had slipped off the beaten trails; others were long-lauded dreamscapes found along collectively traveled desire lines. The beauty of these landscapes was always unequivocal; but that deep nature love it inspired behind the eyeballs, far inside the mind, was of a secluded and volatile essence, which escaped any lame attempt of description.

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Beauty Oblivion

stumbling upon marvelous spots between well-known lines praising landscape destinations

Shackled by tight guidebook lines, all too caught up in the race to our next destination, we often become oblivious to the landscape-beauty that generously flecks the vacuum left by our stingy attention span – right outside the bus window, behind that famous mountain, around every acclaimed corner... see more



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Considering that Africa is thought to be our cradle, this journey leads through the first landscapes humans ever laid eyes on – mystical soil that spans from the oldest desert in the world to the enormous wetlands of the Okavango Delta, across lush mountain ranges to turquoise coastlines.



Raw Patagonian horizons stretching all the way to rough coastlines in Newfoundland and an abundance of wilderness wonders in-between: from azure glaciers, psychedelic lagoons and altitude canyons to ash-spewing volcanoes, jungle greens and soaring falls.



In a realm so contrasting that it juxtaposes the world's highest peaks with some of its most paradisiacal beaches, there's naturally much to see: gargantuan caves, neon green rice paddies, bizarre monoliths, brackish lagoons, blue lava and a volcano inside a volcano to name but a few.

Europe & Middle East


In corners of the world where everything is a bit smaller, there's space for idyllic scenery – from gentle mountains with pastoral valleys to moody coastlines.


Little civilization, unsullied lands and ubiquitous coastlines leave much space for nature to do its thing.






a glimpse



glimpse: DENSE SOUL | Fenced in by elbows for much too long, his escape from civilization was a matter of survival. The city’s plots were convoluted and twisted and their fragile pleasures could never carry the entirety of his dense soul. Spinning inside that centrifuge of light and deluded realities, his core got pushed outwards to the societal rim, the first and final frontier, where his heavy heart began, finally, to gravitate towards nature’s pull. The city had had it all, but nature had something more, something more profound, something truer. Neither cruel nor benevolent, the plots of the wild were simply what they were, honest and pure, written by life and his conscious partaking in it.

glimpse: LOW-KEY LIMESTONE | Some call Tam Coc in Vietnam the "Dry Ha Long Bay." Indeed, the resemblance to the famed limestone attraction up north is uncanny and what Tam Coc lacks in Ocean, it makes up for in rice paddies. And while Ha Long Bay has been flooded with tourism ever since it modeled for Hollywood and the UNESCO committee, the only floods in low-key Tam Coc are brought in by the monsoon.

glimpse: PRIZE & PRICE | When was getting up for sunrise ever not rewarded? If only it wasn’t such a petty dilemma! The night before, you are all for it, with your mind’s eye fixed on the horizon’s prize, well aware that you will cherish the moment and the future memory of it. But, awakening at the darkest hour, drunk on sleep, the imminent price seems exorbitant. What to do? Do what you do best and rest? Or pay up and make your way to the first ray of the day?

glimpse: THIN CRUST | Making for but one minuscule percent of our planet’s mass, the crust we walk on is a fine layer in every sense of the word: all life we know happens on this thin stage, separating us from an underneath, where lava flows like blood through earth’s veins. Masaya volcano in Nicaragua is a portal to that largely unknown underworld with its all-consuming furnace and fumes. A vent for earth’s hot breath, it constantly exhales sulfur dioxide that fuses seamlessly with the placid clouds of the heavens above.

glimpse: CLIMBING TOWARDS THE SUN | Conquering the summit of Big Daddy Dune in the Namib Desert is one of the steepest climbs I've ever come across. There were moments when we crawled up on all fours like bugs, with our feet paddling in the sand and sinking ever deeper with each step. The sun was just rising behind the vast dune and drew us near like a magnet. Most of all because we knew that soon the heat would make our endeavor unbearable.







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Patagonia / Hitchhiking Chronicles & Mundane Waiting

why waiting doesn’t feel like leisure


...usually we can’t wait to get some time off, but once leisure time imposes disguised as inertia, it becomes an annoyance... explore

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Disposable Nature


human agency in the enslavement of nature


...equipped with consciousness we are quite possibly the only animal around that has a notion of tomorrow and certainly the only one capable of actively shaping our future days together... see more

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Ilha Grande / Distracting Convenience

outrunning comfort to create memorable moments


...alas, convenience wanted me back in its closed walls for the same reasons it always does – for all the wrong reasons, distracting us from the bigger picture of the retrospect. After all, there were enough palms to shelter me from rain, patrolling boats and a modern day witch... explore

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Caye Caulker / Inflate-Burst-Flux of a Clichéd Island Bubble

the bond of a moment’s fun


...not much of you or anybody else can stay there, too little the ripple, too constant the stream. A moment’s fun is the bond and doesn’t ask for any more or less... explore





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Uyuni / Traversing the Zig-Zag Road between Pain and Pleasure

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