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  There were jungles dripping with life, and ever-never-changing deserts, peaks that perforated the sky, and waterbodies with delirious colors. Some were chance discoveries known only to destinationless wanderers, others were majority-dreamscapes that solidified along collectively traveled desire lines. The beauty of these landscapes was always unequivocal; but that deep love for nature it lit behind the eyeballs, far inside the mind, was of a volatile essence that escaped any lame attempt of description.




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Beauty Oblivion

​happening upon nameless dreamscapes somewhere

The destination becomes our makeshift destiny while everything that isn’t officially declared beautiful goes by unconsidered – right outside the bus window, behind that famous mountain, around every acclaimed corner. see more






Considering that Africa is our cradle, this journey leads through the first landscapes humans ever laid eyes on.



The glaciers looked like petrified tsunamis, and the psychedelic lagoons like glitches, and that altitude canyon like an abyss in the sky.



Dreamwalking through these existential landscapes, soaking the eyeballs in all shades of beauty, it was hard to believe one was alive.

Europe & Middle East


There wasn’t much space left for Her to go wild, because Man had spread all over the place. But there were pockets and the smaller the pockets the more space they had for little idyllic lovescapes.



For every town there were a hundred islands, for every street a dozen beaches, and every house was outnumbered by a squadron of palm trees...






a glimpse

a glimpse

glimpse: DENSE SOUL | Fenced in by elbows for much too long, his escape from civilization was a matter of survival. The city’s plots were convoluted and twisted, and their fragile pleasures could never carry the entirety of his dense soul. Spinning inside that centrifuge of light and diluted realities, his core got pushed outwards to the societal rim, the first and final frontier, where his heavy heart began, finally, to gravitate towards nature’s pull. The city had had it all, but nature had something more, something more existential, something truer. Neither cruel nor benevolent, the plots of the wild were simply what they were, honest and pure, written by life and his conscious partaking in it.


DSC_0240 (2).jpg

glimpse: SUNRISE PRIZE & PRICE | Throughout the entire breadth and depth of space and time, there has not been a dull slice of sunrise in this universe. Cut the continuum open anywhen and anywhere and you’ll see. Whoever got up early enough on a fine day, on the right planet, has seen a handsome reward. I am sure of it. Of course, getting up early is as brutal a mission as it is affectionate. The night before, you are all for it, with your mind’s eye fixed on the horizon’s prize, glaringly aware that you will cherish the moment and the future memory of it. But, awakening at the darkest hour, drunk on sleep, the looming price seems exorbitant. What to do? Do what a being does best and rest? Or pay up and make your way to the day’s first ray?

glimpse: ANTMAN, SANDMAN | Antman, sandman. How vast your ambition, how tall your expectation, how steep your inclination to match your purpose. You climb whatever you can climb, transcend whatever you can’t. No height shortens your sight, no fall cripples your gall. Your every summit a mere means not an end, a steppingstone to a higher throne of a bigger sandcastle in a wider sky. What bliss that you don’t know of those dimensions beyond your grasp.


glimpse: THIN CRUST | Making for but one skinny percent of our planet’s mass, the crust we walk on is a fine layer in every sense of the word: all life we know happens on this flimsy stage that separates us from a largely unknown underworld we have never seen or touched. Masaya volcano in Nicaragua is a portal to that all-consuming furnace beneath our feet and our shallow conceptualization of the orb we live on. A vent for earth’s hot breath, Masaya constantly exhales sour sulfur dioxide that fuses seamlessly with the sweet clouds above, heaven and hell in nonchalant embrace.







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Patagonia / Hitchhiking Chronicles & Mundane Waiting

why waiting doesn’t feel like leisure


Just why do moments of waiting feel so dull and wasted? Why do we have to “kill” that time?. explore

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Disposable Nature


human agency in the enslavement of nature


...equipped with consciousness we are quite possibly the only animal around that has a notion of tomorrow and certainly the only one capable of actively shaping our future days together... see more

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Ilha Grande / Distracting Convenience

outrunning comfort to create memorable moments


Alas, convenience wanted me back in its walls for the same reasons it always does – for all the wrong reasons, distracting us from the bigger picture... explore

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Caye Caulker / Inflate-Burst-Flux of a Clichéd Island Bubble

the bond of a moment’s fun


...not much of you or anybody else can stay there, too little the ripple, too constant the stream. A moment’s fun is the bond and doesn’t ask for any more or less... explore



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