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  Raw Patagonian horizons stretching all the way to rough coastlines in Newfoundland with myriad wonders harbored in-between: from azure glaciers, altitude canyons and psychedelic lagoon-waters to ash-spewing volcanoes, jungle greens and soaring falls.


a glimpse


glimpse: A SWIM ACROSS THE BRIDGE | If you look close enough you might find that the fine line between imagination and reality is really a bridge. It is neatly inevitable that by the time you’re reading this your hasty eyes have already jumped to the picture and with it to conclusions. The journey has begun. Your eyes carried you away to a Guatemalan dreamscape by the Mayan name of Semuc Champey. They hypnotized you with the tale of turquoise water dividing the jungle and lured you from reality’s solid bank into imagination’s fluid realm. For things aren’t what they seem. The paradoxical title, reminiscent of a surreal dream sequence at first, is actually the signpost to reality here. Follow it and you will see what you’re actually looking at: a bridge. Naturally formed from limestone, it spans 300m wide across the ferociously raging Cahabón River underneath, while shallow pools sit placidly atop. Only by imagining the river, which remains forever tucked away from your eyes, you can see the bridge and swim across it to reality’s bank.

glimpse: AUTUMN SNOW | But winter wasn’t early, nor was autumn late; it was simply a different place, a moody place, where, unbeknownst to him then, snow fell whenever it so pleased.

glimpse: TRUE BLUE HUE | Almost too blue to be true, only few sport a hue like you. But your water doesn’t lie, pretend or cheat, you can pull this color off au naturel Laguna 69, and photo-sensationalists save their filters for duller lagoons, shouting “hashtagnofilter” from the Andean mountaintops.    


Mt. Fitzroy, Patagonia / Argentina





Channel-Port Aux Basques, Newfoundland / Canada




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Must I Really Though?


When musts outnumber wants in your wanderlust soles

...aren’t most of us out here, strapped into our backpacks, to declare guerrilla war on bleak society regimes with Mondays? Every child is more of a rebel, when Mom allots musts... read more

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Patagonia / Hitchhiking Chronicles & Mundane Waiting

why waiting doesn’t feel like leisure


Just why do moments of waiting feel so dull and wasted? Why do we have to “kill” that time? Usually we can’t wait to get a break from our duties, but once leisure time imposes disguised as idleness it becomes an annoyance. explore

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Ilha Grande / Distracting Convenience

outrunning comfort to create memorable moments


...alas, convenience wanted me back in its closed walls for the same reasons it always does – for all the wrong reasons, distracting us from the bigger picture of the retrospect. After all, there were enough palms to shelter me from rain, patrolling boats and a modern day witch... explore

countries | North America | Canada

Port Rexton / Only Passing Through: Unsung Towns of Unknown Dreams

the delusive beauty of scratching a place's surface instead of digging deep


...the unknown leaves space for imagination and in the foreigner's head any town can tell any story... explore





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