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   Dreamwalking through these existential landscapes, soaking the eyeballs in all shades of beauty, it was hard to believe one was alive. The mountains were as tall as God, and the beaches made Eden look like an amateur paradise. Blue lava and a volcano inside a volcano if you can believe it. And if you climbed down Earth’s throat, you’d find that she is purple on the inside. And if you kept on walking, you kept on dreaming.


a glimpse


glimpse: MANGROVE REIGN Walking deeper into the mangrove forest, an eerie atmosphere fell into step. The tangled roots, so exposed by the low water level, reached with desperately long fingers for the muddy ground, where black crabs coalesced into a moving floor. Intercepted by dense clouds and denser foliage, few sunrays survived the journey into the thicket, which forbade the safe passage of creatures that didn’t belong. Humans had invited themselves in with a boardwalk, but there was no place for mammals in this realm and everything beyond the narrow pathway was under the mangroves’ reign.


Harvest in Tamil Nadu, India

glimpse: GOLDEN GREEN With a harvest so golden green came the luxury to forget for a moment; forget about the previous year’s drought and those floods the season before that. Their pay was not measured in labor, sweat, dirt or time, but in luck – existential luck – and so their fate was never fully in their own calloused hands, but in the hand they got dealt by the capricious mother of all, queen of spades.

glimpse: PARADISE CAVE As the vacationers piled up along Krabi’s beaches, the empty caves eyed them with sadness. Sitting all alone in the limestone, their paradise vistas were second to none; yet none of the beachgoers second guessed their beach day, none had a second to spare for the serene and cool grottos. The light at the end of the tunnel was Eden indeed, but nobody was willing to venture an inch of darkness first.

Railay Beach in Thailand's Krabi Region seen from a cave

glimpse: MIDST OF WINTER Bare black arms reaching for the pale white sun, the last summer green not quite forgotten under the steel blue dome.







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