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  In a realm so contrasting that it juxtaposes the world's highest peaks with some of its most paradisiacal beaches, there's naturally much to see: gargantuan caves, neon green rice paddies, bizarre monoliths, brackish lagoons, blue lava and a volcano inside a volcano to name but a few.


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glimpse: MANGROVE REIGN Walking deeper into the mangrove forest, an eerie atmosphere fell into step. The tangled roots, so exposed by the low water level, reached with desperately long fingers for the muddy ground, where black crabs created the impression of a moving floor. Intercepted by dense clouds and foliage, few sunrays survived the journey into the thicket, which forbade the safe passage of creatures that didn’t belong. Humans had invited themselves in with a boardwalk, but there was no place for mammals in this realm and everything beyond the narrow pathway was under the mangroves’ reign.

Railay Beach in Thailand's Krabi Region seen from a cave

glimpse: PARADISE CAVE As vacationers piled up along Krabi’s beaches, the empty caves eyed them with sadness. Sitting all alone in the limestone, they overlooked the paradises below and allowed for vistas second to none; yet none of the people second guessed their beach day, none had a second to spare for the serene and shady grottos. The light at the end of the tunnel was Eden indeed, but nobody was willing to venture the darkness first and shouldering such secluded secrets so solemnly sowed solitary suffering.

Taal isn't your everyday volcano – the smallest yet deadliest active volcano in the world, it is a volcano inside another volcano 


Taal Volcano, Luzon / 








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