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   There wasn’t much space left for Her to go wild, because Man had spread all over the place. But there were pockets and the smaller the pockets the more space they had for little idyllic lovescapes. The mountains were gentle and docile, their valleys pastoral carpets, and the coasts were moody and melancholy without inflicting any harm.


a glimpse


glimpse: TOWARDS | Towards the sun, always, but never in a straight line.


Dead sunflowers

glimpse: SUNFLOWER CEMETERY | And when they ask us why all the sunflowers are dead, we’ll just tell them the truth. That this cemetery is really a cradle.


Egernsund / Denmark · 2018   full width mirror


aerial of the Atlantic ocean


Aerial / Atlantic · 2016   bluest sea







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Outside Job

when your office isn’t anywhere near an office

...nobody robbed us of our freedom; it was an inside job we signed up for. Outside jobs, by contrast, are not always a deliberate choice and oftentimes the harder labor, but they come with a certain spatial freedom... see more





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