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   You could tell that it was a slippery intersection where Asia collided with Europe and East with West. Westwards, institutional mass-functionality faded into individualistic architecture-aestheticism. Stacking concrete, steel, and glass tall and wide, eastern brutalism could be read as a statement. Socialism. Sufficiency. Power. Dominance. The western way was simply the way of least resistance. No statement so long as everything is nice and cozy and pretty and wooden underneath the shingles. My mind was drawn to the socialist idealism, my heart to the democratic warmth encoded in these urban blueprints.


a glimpse


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Baku / Azerbaijan · 2018   red night

Baku / Azerbaijan · 2018   blue night


Bayterek Tower, Astana / Kazakhstan · 2018   if the sun ever fell into our hands



Bishkek / Kyrgyzstan · 2018   brutally functional


You could see why they put it there.

Sighnaghi / Georgia · 2018   views for miles

With so much light you could hardly call it a night.

Tbilisi / Georgia · 2018   melodic bulbs

A cable car station facilitating the commute for miners in Chiatura, Georgia
Storefronts and apartments in the mining town of Chiatura, Georgia

Chiatura / Georgia · 2018   yawning cable car station

Chiatura / Georgia · 2018   stores & mores







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