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   And places rich in history gave birth to places richer in riches. And some of civilization’s oldest tricks were outdone by some of its newest. Troy was the Dubai of its day, designing the fantastic brink of future, but is no more than a bunch of stones in a field now. And walking in the long shadows of today’s Icarian heights, one had to wonder where over the top of the top ends and where the extra in extra comes from.


a glimpse


glimpse: TRRROIA | It sounded something like “Trrroia” when my Turkish bunk bed neighbor in Istanbul gave me a travel suggestion. Our conversations were pleasant, but never made it too far past smiles and the mutual understanding of Raki and cigarettes; right now, I had no clue what he was saying, but it was evident by his incomprehension of my incomprehension that “Trrroia" was of some significance. When it dawned on me, he had rewritten history in my mind with only one unintelligible word: Troy was no longer a faint myth of the Iliad, but an actual, firm place and its ruins were just waiting for me to be their witness. I found the Hollywood horsie parked along the seafront of nearby Canakkale – maybe somebody should look that gift horse in the mouth.

Istanbul / Turkey · 2015   the sun painting



Dubai / UAE · 2018   building sandboxes







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