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KLCC, Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia · 2015   night leaking into the light

glimpse: CONCRETE JUNGLE | Once there was a life-giving jungle. We replaced it with a convenience-dispensing concrete jungle. But the more humanity urbanizes, the more we paint grey over green, the more we need to foster a healthy ratio between towers and trees in our cities; or else the slabs will suffocate us. When we’re allowing vegetation back into our manmade sprawl, we’re not doing nature a favor. Our green friends don’t need us. It is we who cannot live without them. Greenery is nature’s most generous one way street and Singapore is an avant-gardist, going down that road with big steps and breaths.

glimpse: LIVES I’VE NEVER LIVED | When I see you and the place you call home so tenderly, it reminds me of a life I’ve never lived, a dream I’ve never dreamed; but my longing is painless, my melancholy sweet, my smile pure. 

glimpse: TRAIN TRACK TREK TALES | Leading past ocean horizons, snuggly tea-valleys and neon-green rice paddies, Sri Lanka’s train journeys are famous among tourists for their enchanting vistas. But the train tracks have more stories to tell for those who listen: they narrate plots of the people living nearby the rails – tales of beauty, fortitude and dignity, often originating in the daily struggles and tough living conditions of many.


Jakarta, Java / Indonesia · 2015   Kota (Javanese public transport)


Hoi An / Vietnam · 2015   picturesque at its best







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Night Delight

allures of the dark side

...for the daring nocturnal creatures among us, there is a deserted, silent world waiting after hours; and like moths we flutter towards its discoveries, wherever a speck of light flecks the darkness.   see more

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Jakarta / Beautifully Ugly

inner beauty & authentic travel - less pretty cities well worth the visit 


Why pretend that you are easy on the eyes of strangers who are just checking you out, soon off to generic liaisons on Bali? You aren’t Kuta, you don’t wear makeup. You look run down. Your old town has seen much better days. And you don’t smell so nice either. But you have character. And soul. And true Javanese street scenes. explore

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The Street Around the Corner

tripping over nothing in everyday streets


Not imposing any art on them or desperately extrapolating some moxie that isn’t there, I strip their description down to only one statement and this is final: these are streets. see more

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Disposable Nature


human agency in the enslavement of nature


...equipped with consciousness we are quite possibly the only animal around that has a notion of tomorrow and certainly the only one capable of actively shaping our future days together... see more





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Uyuni / Traversing the Zig-Zag Road between Pain and Pleasure

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