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  I like to think that I like to think, but coming to think about it, I’m probably overthinking more than I think. Never mind. The reads section is a forum, where I speak my mind about whatever comes to mind. None of these articles are cookie cutter pieces à la blah bleh blog, so buckle up. Here's what I've been thinking...



hurling little answers at the big questions in life
tales from alongside the road, where the journey is not all about traveling
a stream of words and rattling trains of thoughts going just about nowhere
shortest stories
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I, Too, Blog Now


bloggers blogging blogs just to blog

...mind you ladies and gentlemen, coming through! Let me get in line for pouring out my long needed advice all over your poor brain, like platitude Bolognese on unquestioning Spaghetti. Or, better yet... read more

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A Homage to Education


empowerer, character-builder, freedom fighter

...I think education empowers people to take agency, think critically, ask questions and have a choice in life. It is the key driver in a person’s intellectual development and, more importantly, character evolution... read more

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And as long as shadows overcast my path, I know of a star in the skies above the voices in my head and solid ground ‘neath my jaded soles. And hadn’t I longed for the shade the more I had lived in the bright shallow sunlight, just as much as I curse it now lying in the dark? read more

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The Super-Ultimate Zero-Item Packing List of a 6-Year-Traveler


the distilled truth about packing after 70 months on the road

We have mustered the privileged courage to wave our comfort zone goodbye, so why are we so afraid of making puny packing decisions? read more

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Must I Really Though?


when musts outnumber wants in your wanderlust soles

...strapped into our backpacks, to declare guerrilla war on bleak society regimes with Mondays? Every child is more of a rebel, when Mom allots musts... read more

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They asked for water. When I turned back around, three shotgun muzzles were pointed at us. I would have cursed the map right then, but there was no time for clear thought now. read more









Volunteering 101 Series:

An Orientation on Grassroots Volunteer Work


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Volunteering vs. Voluntourism


self-organized engagement vs. vacation packages – structures, results and ethics

...organizing your grassroots engagement independently, might not only help your own experience and wallet, but also the community you work with. read more

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What You Perceive & What It Is: Volunteering Outlook vs. Actual Impact


subjective vs. objective evaluations of volunteering results

...it could be a little step on an individual level, like a kid having its first aha moment while learning simple math; or it could be the large scale implementation of a project that brings about systemic and sustainable empowerment of a community. read more

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Volunteering Motives - Who Helps Whom and Why

Can volunteering abroad truly be selfless and whom does it actually help?

...we should frisk ourselves for any hidden motives behind our social engagement and do our best to contribute to the empowerment of communities and the transformation of adverse global structures... read more

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Reality Check: Volunteering Benefits & Pitfalls

Are volunteering programs more helpful or harmful?

If implemented right, volunteering programs employed by nonprofits can add value to grassroots projects along various dimensions. However, there are cultural and ethical pitfalls that should be considered when chalking up the benefits... read more

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How to Find Free Volunteering Opportunities around the World

avoiding costly and dubious voluntourism agencies

...rev the search engine, skip over the voluntourism industry and dig all the way down to the grassrootss... read more

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Who Is That White Savior With the Complex?

Are Westerners trying to save the world on their terms?

...development assistance can be vital. However, it should never feed into an individual or systemic White Savior Complex that results in a mindset of one side helping the other and distracts from the underlying issues and inequities. read more



How me, you and Western media empowered ISIS & Co. and fueled the Trumps of this world


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Part II of III

Accepting the Unacceptable: A Little Bit of Terrorism Is Inevitable

life can't be drained of all its risks

...it is a universe of free will and as such it gives odds instead of guarantees. We have to accept it... read more

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Part III of III

Of Muslim Victims, White Terrorists and Faceless Strangers Perishing Unconsidered

how we overlook the real victims and perpetrators of terrorism

...after all we’re talking about human beings that are quite literally in a predicament between the devil and the deep blue sea... read more

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Part I of III

Just Another Day Without Terrorist Attacks

our poor judgement of likelihoods has dire consequences

...our response to terrorism has been but an emotional one, blinded by the media’s crooked spotlight... read more




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