That’s Funny – Candid Mirror

tickled by humor, the self surfaces

   Only ever living in one head, knowing what’s going on in another, is anyone’s guess. The best clue we can get is candor – genuine emotion bursting out of facial expressions and wild gestures; and perhaps the cleanest mirror of anyone’s innermost being is amusement. Here are some characters who give away their secret…


a glimpse


glimpse: KINDNESS AMONG STRANGERS | One of my favorite human gestures are random acts of kindness among strangers. I’ve witnessed and experienced many good deeds over the years, and often the tiniest action is the purest and can yield the deepest appreciation and heartiest response. Such acts are not just about giving, helping, or being selfless. It could be a fleeting smile between elevator doors; or saying thanks to your bus driver; or these guys here asking me to take their picture and share their jovial microcosmic instant, while millions around us surged through the palpitating heart of Manila for the Black Nazarene celebration.











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That Candid Moment Before the Mask

perfect imperfection before the stage is set

Portrait candidness is the short lived obliviousness before the stage is set and it thrives on the imperfection of anticipating the "picture perfect" moment. see more

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The Observer Effect: Momentary Momentum

in-between instants

...the camera’s skill to freeze the momentary momentum in-between scenes is nothing short of miraculous and reminds me of a quirky phenomenon in the quantum realm: the observer effect. see more




more people


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Outside Job

when your office isn’t anywhere near an office

...nobody robbed us of our freedom; it was an inside job we signed up for. Outside jobs, by contrast, are not always a deliberate choice and oftentimes the harder labor, but they come with a certain spatial freedom... see more

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Not Pity-Poor: Grace of the Life Lottery's Runner Ups

fortitude and perseverance forged in a hard place

The people you see here are poor, but not pity-poor. They have less – much less – but they have lives and smiles like anyone else. They don’t need an outsider’s soft pat on the back to uplift them... see more

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Story Time

we all have one

Our narratives have been full of forks, twists and turns, shortcuts and detours, but here we are to intersect with each other in the now. see more

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Human Shake

what a fine blend we are

This collection is a blender, so watch out that you don’t end up in it one day. see more