The Street Next Door

stumbling upon the grandeur of normality in everyday streets

The grandeur of the streets compiled herein lies in their utter normality. 



Nothing about them is noteworthy, let alone extreme. Their allure is the middle; in-between big and small, poor and rich. These streets are the subtle voice of the mundane; they are the streets next door.


[...] the right or the left ascend to significance, while the vast normal middle perishes without mention.

No matter the media poison of your choice, it will only ever portray the edges of society. Only the extreme 5 % at the bottom or the top, the right or the left ascend to significance, while the vast normal middle perishes without mention. It's the lot of the majority. These are the streets of everyday people and their stories are important. Because only ever feeding our senses tails of society's far rim, leads to dangerously skewed perceptions and notions. Such as the biased idea that we could easily fall victims to terrorists attacks, which leads to very real and dubious political shifts. There are no terrorists in these streets. Their narratives are moderate.



There is beauty in these nameless streets (some of them literally don't have a name) with their nameless houses. They are no 5th Avenues; no Empire State Buildings or Trump Towers line them. But their inhabitants have names and stories well worth being heard. Their interestingness is enkindled by a subtle grace, far from celebrity allure and under the radar of common curiosity, so faint that you might even have overlooked most of the people in these pictures. I counted 19 and you?


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