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I'm 12 now.

celebrating my travel anniversary with great news and a flash sale

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Today I turned twelve! In a way. Well, I don't mean to brag, but I have two birthdays, both in May. May 26th, the day I was born, and May 16th, the day I was reborn. That's the day I left home to start a new life. Now, twelve years later, I'm still out here. To celebrate my travel anniversary, I got some great news and a new collection of prints I want to share with you!

representing the CEWE Young Talent Award

CEWE Young Talent Award.jpg


I couldn’t be more excited to share this with you: last year one of my photos ended up among the winners of the CEWE Award, the world’s largest photo contest. In the runup to this year’s award, CEWE reached out to me with a very flattering offer: to be the representative of their new Young Talent Award! Click the button to see my image SILLY LOVE in action and read my tips for aspiring photographers!

shortlisted for the 9th edition of 35Awards



Drumroll please… My work S E L F I E N D has been shortlisted for the 9th edition of the renown 35Awards!! This year, the competition saw 465,000 submissions from 174 countries, making it one of the biggest worldwide. My shot is featured as a finalist in the Street Photography section – what an honor! The stunning imagery across all categories is well worth checking out!

a gift for you and me

+++ FLASH SALE +++ May 16th - May 26th +++

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My new print collection "I'm 12 now." celebrates my 12th travel anniversary with 12 previously unpublished prints in limited editions of 12, signed and numbered, in a 12"x12" square format (30x30 cm). They are available only between May 16th and May 26 at 120 EUR – my smallest-numbered and yet most affordable limited edition to date. A gift for you and me. I truly appreciate your support!!

my latest home


For ten years I've been dreaming about going back to La Paz, Bolivia, at times literally. I just never got over this brick ocean in the sky, and finally I'm living here again at a lofty 12,000 ft of elevation.


Hasta prontito,


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