photography and writing coalescing into a new art form, open and single editions



One photo, one text. Glimpses are the epitome of MilesAstray, a head-on collision of writing and photography. Emerging from the wreckage as a novel art form, these original pieces are available as open and single editions. They are inkjet printed on fine art paper to meet museum-quality standards. Find out more.




  • Style: white border, caption, logo

  • Formats: 20 x 24 in / 51 x 61 cm and 30 x 36 in / 76 x 91 cm

  • Glicée pigment prints on Hahnemühle Photorag fine art paper (290 gsm)

  • Open editions and hand-signed single editions

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To accommodate the image, caption, and logo, glimpses are printed with a large white border.

glimpses styles.jpg




Choose from two classic formats that complement any space.

formats (glimpses).jpg




All glimpses are available as two types of editions corresponding to two classic formats: the smaller size (20 x 24 in / 51 x 61 cm) is printed as an open edition, while the larger size (30 x 36 in / 76 x 91 cm) is limited to one copy. This single edition is hand-signed and only available upon request; it is a unique collector's item that will never be printed in this format again.