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   Strap into your chair, destination elsewhere. This journey will take you places and leave you with stories, for a place is only ever as one thing or another as your experience there. Well, my experience in this case. The little coincidences and grand people I met along the way ultimately wrote these plots and memories while I coauthored. That’s why I can’t claim to paint any accurate, exhaustive or conclusive portraits of countries and cultures. Just my subjective, impressionist bits and pieces, exploring places and people, traversing narratives and notions and traveling trains of thought inside one strolling mind. Come with, won’t you?



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countries | Europe | Montenegro

Kotor / Cruise out of Control: Consumerism on Vacation,
Ethics Left at Home

the ugly dynamics of a journey sold as destination


Of course, like with all needless and senseless consumption, the cheap cruise tickets came at a price. I had met those who pay it. explore

countries | South America | Bolivia

Uyuni / Traversing the Zig-Zag Road between Pain and Pleasure

why well-being is underrated – putting happiness and suffering in perspective


With all the pain I had ever felt in the past for now, all the pleasure was ahead. explore

countries | North America | USA

New York / Dream Arrival: Jamming Untamed Imagination into Tight Realities

a story of a dream coming truer and a city that was smaller the second time around


...there was certainly something endearing in that city coming down to earth from its pedestal... explore

countries | South(east) Asia | Nepal

Himalayas / Hiking Alone, Astray & Everestless

when you set out to see Everest, but Everest doesn’t care


And after a while, seeing or not seeing Everest became a mere matter of perspective. explore

countries | Europe | Greece

Athens / The Rise and Fall of Empires

Who’s next?


Former empires might have traded their swords for pencils, yet the battlefields remain and the war for growth and power goes on. explore

countries | Central & West Asia | Kazakhstan

Astana (Nur-Sultan) / The Surreal Deal

arbitrary travel moments you never would have guessed


I’m sleeping the dreamy sleep of unusual travel routine. But every now and then, I wake up to the absurd reality of a situation I never could have imagined, and the vast randomness of these instances does more than render them surreal from the outside – it makes me surreal, on the inside, my feelings, my thoughts, my being. explore

countries | Europe | Albania

Tirana / How Little Can You Learn About a Country in One Day?

passing through Albania in 24h


...this is pretty much where the flying visit reaches its maximum altitude of inflight insights, falling short of the point where travel peaks in my opinion: when it opens up a more intimate angle on a foreign culture and the people who live it through their habits, everyday rituals, and mannerisms. explore

countries | Central America | Cuba

Havana / On the Cusp between Eras

sung patriotism & whispered criticism: torn in a changing nation


Transformation is a blurry wave, unlike the crisp ripple of a sudden revolutionary fist. explore

countries | Africa | Rwanda

Kibuye / Living with Explosive Likelihoods

when home is where disaster lurks


And those who live there, live lives, not odds. They are accustomed to the normality of any given day that isn’t the one when disaster strikes. explore

countries | North America | Canada

Port Rexton / Only Passing Through: Unsung Towns of Unknown Dreams

the welcome delusion of scratching a place's surface without digging deeper


For it is in the unknown where imagination lives and in the foreigner’s head any town can tell any story. explore

countries | South America | Colombia

Cartagena / Police Negotiations

haggling over fines for non-existent crimes & how to break the corruption cycle


But one needed to keep in mind that these were still cops, no matter how corrupt. It felt like our bargaining power matched theirs, but at the end of the day they were in charge and would decide over our fate that night: jail or no jail. explore

countries | South(east) Asia | Indonesia

Jakarta / Beautifully Ugly

well worth the visit: inner beauty and authentic travel


We all adore the world’s Venices, Grand Canyons, and Machu Picchus, while few postcards leave the Jakartas. But they are the places that grow on you and stay in you. explore





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