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Bosnia and Herzegovina

bullet holes and make-up


ullet holes and makeup
eventually they made up
let bygones be bygones
from buy guns to bye guns
too many dead from the fight
many more dead inside
after the twilight the night
only mascara can turn it bright
light as a kite
what you can’t fathom
you can only forget


a glimpse

passages   RIP | Why rip their children’s beds to shreds with shrapnel fury and rocket rage? Why rip those families and friends apart for someone else’s change of heart? Why rip into those lives with bullets and knives, buy greedy gain with blackest pain? Why rip open their roofs with misled missiles guided by the ill indifference of those sitting afar? Why rip off their limbs with the obsession of those few who knew, who sow their green in other’s blood? Why rip peace into pieces for all of humanity’s worst reasons? R.I.P.

Sarajevo / Bosnia and Herzegovina · 2017

While everybody devours the views from the Old Bridge, its neighbor's are up for grabs.

pristine blue
Mostar / Bosnia and Herzegovina · 2017

You see corner shops disappear at every corner. Well, every other corner.

corner shoppers
Sarajevo / Bosnia and Herzegovina · 2017