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   A world, a pen, a camera. MilesAstray emerged at the intersection of writing, photography and travel, manifested as photoprose/-poetry/-journalism. Inspired by a slow and immersive journey around the world, these words and pictures portray authentic glimpses of here, there and elsewhere interlaced with notions and narratives. My work is framed by candor and rawness, but not caged in by one genre, style or color pallet.

Reflecting upon society and the individuals partaking in it, MilesAstray performs an exploratory tight rope act that tries to balance the diverse complexity and unifying simplicity at the heart of the human condition, drawing on psychology and philosophy.

From dirt poor to filthy rich, MilesAstray depicts stark disparities in-between and within countries in an effort to raise awareness of social injustices that are painfully easy to ignore from a safe distance.

When a false sense of entitlement and insatiable consumerist longings drive those born into privilege, it is not only the suffering of others that takes a back seat – one’s own happiness gets left behind. Meanwhile those with less might often have more: more moments, social ties and laughs, but they lack access to the most basic resources like food, shelter and education.

Bridging the chasm would benefit everybody. Of course awareness is only as good as the action that ensues. Changemakers find opportunities to engage in good causes in my nonprofit section.

MilesAstray also reserves a prominent spotlight for the moments next door: noteworthy normalities hidden in plain sight of destinations extraordinaires, unsung heroes disappearing in the shade of headlining happenings, modest neighbors of the iconic – from Argentina to Zimbabwe, Manhattan mingling with Mangroves, poverty vis-à-vis worry-free.

In times of a rising polarization dominating the political discourse and media outlets readily catering to sensation-craving audiences, a lens pointed at everyday life and a middle that never ascends to newsworthiness provides a vital angle - a testimony to a unified majority carrying on ordinarily.





Illustrating marvels of nature and mankind – some labeled destination-worthy and others known only to coincidence and destinationless wanderers – MilesAstray pairs feasts for the eyes with less digestible observations of civilization’s environmental impacts.

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Finally, MilesAstray explores art as a powerful agent for change and lifestyles other than 9 to 5 (or 5 to 9) for those who aren’t happy with their current work-life balance. The idea is to ponder how we can live lives that are sustainable for everyone. After all, hoarding material possessions by becoming a slave to a tight schedule, might not just stand in the way of one's own happiness and health, but could often have a negative impact on the other side of the globe.





One last thing: MilesAstray is not in the hasty race of catering to ever shorter attention spans and slim appetites for easily digestible small portions. This holds true for its content, style, and the sub-stellar loading times due to extensive content and a design that is inspired by art more so than functionality. But if you steal these extra seconds from your busy schedule and bring them here, the investment shall be worth your while.




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