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You did it!

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You've survived another rollercoaster ride around the sun, and I hope this one had more ups than downs! Surely, you merit a whole bunch of presents, so I've placed some throughout this newsletter.


The first one is a riddle wrapped into the first sentence: there are (at least) two things off about the rollercoaster metaphor, and if you can point them out, I got a surprise for you.


I can’t complain about my 2023, so that sucks. Got to visit some of my favorite people and places, happened upon new friends and frontiers, and the work I created out there found some international recognition.


to get

your order

in time

I wouldn’t say that it’s a now or never situation, but I will say this: now tends to be late, and never comes earlier than expected. In less cryptic words, order within the next 48 hours to get your MilesAstray print in time.


a GIFt for you

This is what your walls could look like, if you moved into a 3D render and put up some of my stuff:

entryway render.gif

Can't help you with the moving, but I've put together a bunch of coupons to help with the artwork:


Get 10 % off on all orders: 10%OFF

Get 25 % off on orders over 50 €: 25%OFF

Get 50 % off on orders over 100 €: 50%OFF


These coupons are valid for the next 48 hours to make sure that your gift arrives on time.

gift card, gift art

My new MilesAstray gift cards are proving popular and I’m already excited to find out what prints the giftees will pick! To see my babies climb up walls fills me with a joy that would almost be pay enough, if I didn’t need to eat occasionally.

gift card.jpg

happy holidays

It's almost time to clock off for this year! If you need a holiday read, I've put together a tiny eBook for you, called world in words. It's only got 23 words and 23 images, but they say it all.

Thanks again for your support!! Every email, comment, and website visit means the world to me.


Now let's have at those cookies!


So long,


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