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Port Rexton / Unsung Towns of Unknown Dreams

the welcome illusion projected onto a place's surface



   No matter how small a town, no matter how much time you bring or take there, you can never know a place fully. Even some remote dimensions of your hometown will forever be as out of reach as they are out of sight with your view all skewed by individual experience, socio-economic surroundings, mindset matters, and the people you (don't) interact with. When you talk about what it's like to live there, you're talking about what it's like for you.

Of course, your familiarity with your hometown is a bond the passer-through visitor won’t be able to cultivate. And while a stranger’s outside perspective might carry unbiased information that is inaccessible to the perpetual resident, they can hardly experience the inhabitant’s insider angle. That’s why immersion is the traveler’s key to unlocking a widened understanding of a place.


"Few souls have been passed down through the soil of these towns, but in my head they have plenty of stories to tell, all of them really..."