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pondering the sea in me


Als / Denmark · 2018   green rolling towards the sea


   One. Last. Stop. After six years full of stops, short and long, here and there, Albania to Zimbabwe, home was the final frontier. I think I’ve always used the same words to describe my so deliberate choice to not go back before going back, but I’ve never gotten any better at explaining it. My feeling, more so than any rationale, was always unequivocal though – the day I touch home soil is the end of my journey. Full stop. Even if I were to set out again the next day. You can’t pause a journey around the world, or an era, or the person you’ve become along the way. For six years, the only continuities in my life had been to be out there no matter where, to be whoever I want or don’t want to be – freed from any pasts and former versions of myself others had kept in their books – and to reinvent myself or not with every turn, twist, and encounter. I had a hard time letting go of the world, but after six years I was ready enough and I didn’t think I would ever get any readier than that. My nomadic life didn’t end then and there – the stop was really a stopping by – but the longest chapter of my life did come to an end and anything that followed was a sequel. Denmark was as good a place as any to go through these last moments away from home, pondering the sea and the sea in me.


a glimpse



lines   BROTHERS | They could hardly be more different, and hardly more similar.


passages   MONSTERS? | Suddenly the sky was filled with colossal deep-sea creatures swarming around the convoy ferociously. There were at least a dozen of the invertebrates closing in – giant jellyfish and squids, fixing their bloodshot saucer eyes onto the prey below. Tentacles, the length of fire hoses dangled from their enormous, bloated heads and now reached for the cars, which were caught in a gridlock with no escape…


lines   REMOTE EMBRACE | Two creatures locking eyes, tied together by a remote embrace to share an uncanny, unspoken notion, as life recognizes life.

people in soccer balls


Egernsund / Denmark · 2018   ?   

May's colors


Als / Denmark · 2018   melodic hues

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Syddanmark / One Last Stop


Egernsund / Denmark · 2018   no sun, no sail

The sun sank so low then, it fell on my head. And I knew it had been good to me all day long and all life long and that I was ungrateful and out of line asking it to stay awake any longer.

House boat in Denmark

Egernsund / Denmark · 2018   sea self

contrails in the sky

Egernsund / Denmark · 2018   sail trail

And the sea in me felt heavy yet oddly composed, and the sky said something about how there are no crossroads in it.




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