Lot 10 Hutong Food Court, Kuala Lumpur   It was not exactly hidden with all the neon signs outside, but somehow we were the only westerners in there.




just a glimpse, stay tuned for more to explore  ·  MilesAstray unfolds in retrospect. I was living these stories full time, now I’m penning them down. Head over to the countries page for the latest places/stories.


a glimpse


glimpse: AF | Come sunshine or rain, dry or wet season – for better or worse, the tropics keep an almost constant solar angle throughout the year, making for eternal warmth. In the Köppen–Geiger climate classification this warrants an A, not for the best, but the warmest climate. Kuala Lumpur falls into the subcategory Af – tropical rainforest climate with no distinct dry season, which means the sun and the sky brew hot and humid weather all year round, serving almost daily rainfalls. Cloudbursts come without much of a heads up and when it rains, it rains.


KLCC, Kuala Lumpur   But which view to favor? Day or night?

I hadn't seen that one before.


Kuala Lumpur







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yet to be written
Kuala Lumpur / Culture Kaleidoscope
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Kuala Lumpur / Culture Kaleidoscope

yet to be written

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photos | essays

The Street Around the Corner

tripping over nothing in everyday streets


Not imposing any art on them or desperately extrapolating some moxie that isn’t there, I strip their description down to only one statement and this is final: these are streets. see more

photos | urban

Office Prison Symmetry

behind bars: office or prison? 

Looking at it from the outside, I can’t help seeing bars in the symmetry that comes with the sterile and institutional blueprints of office buildings around the world. see more

photos |  landscapes


neon-rice & snowy white

In a realm so contrasting that it juxtaposes the world's highest peaks with some of its most paradisiacal beaches, there's naturally much to see: gargantuan caves, neon green rice paddies, bizarre monoliths, brackish lagoons, blue lava and a volcano inside a volcano to name but a few. see more

photos | urban

South(east) Asia

humble homes & visionary blueprints

intricate slums & ancient temples witnessing futuristic skylines on the rise see more





in South(east) Asia

green and specked with temples
complex and wondrous fabric
diversity of 18,000 islands
lush & tranquil realm
Himalayan heart
joyous culture, island nature
future vision
Sri Lanka
of vistas, beaches & animals
paradisiacal beach day
much latitude, much to see
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North America


Uyuni / Traversing the Zig-Zag Road between Pain and Pleasure

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Window Worlds

different world, same life