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August 16th, 2019 - work on the ground & online





Hey y’all,


How have you been? No, I mean it – how have you been? Shoot me a text someday you people!


As for me, as so often, I have to start this newsletter by saying that it’s been awhile, but that that’s because I’ve been keeping busy and doing well! In my defense, I don’t need a defense – I’m sure you're doing just fine without my babbling.


latest moves

No latest moves to report on. Still in Canada, still in Montreal. After a long winter, followed by a short spring, summer arrived. Seasons. You get it.

snow on roofs in Montreal during winter


winter's firm grip


latest happenings

Well, let's see... there was my family visiting me in May!! Our planning had identified mid-May as a safe bet, season and weather wise, but the surroundings of our chalet north of Montreal still looked a bit under the weather and only hesitantly green:  

reflections on a lake in Canada


hesitant green

Back in Montreal, spring bragged with an abundance of color, finally. We explored plenty and I was delighted to share this city and my life in it with my family.

Tulips in spring at the botanical garden in Montreal


spring arrival


Quebec City

I’m happy to be back in this lively city that is always up to something and a beautiful patchwork of diverse cultural influences and varied vibes.

night cycling event

How I spend my days in these days? Same as everybody. Live some, work some, live a lot, work a lot, home, roam, friends.

 power outage at the supermarket

power outage at the supermarket

person wrapped in bed sheet


ghost wrap

flowery pants


at the "beach"


projects on the ground

Over the last couple of months I got the chance to document some activities of the Samuel Centre for Social Connectedness (SCSC), a wonderful nonprofit organization in the field of social isolation/connectedness. I will let the photos and captions do the talking.

brainstorming session at coworking space in Montreal


brainstorming new ideas for the welcome sessions for asylum seekers

special Olympics

refugees arriving at Roxham Road


A visit to Roxham Road, an inofficial border crossing between the US and Canada. Due to ever harsher immigration policies in the US, many refugees try to seek asylum in Canada instead. At official border crossings they would be denied entry into Canada since their asylum claim needs to be processed by the first safe country of arrival (in this case the US). As a consequence of crossing at the unauthorized port of Roxham Road, they are detained by Canadian immigration officials and then brought to Montreal to claim asylum there. While Canadian border officials at first maintain a serious tone to warn people against crossing, they are welcoming as soon as people actually take the step across the border. Meanwhile, Janet McFetridge, deputy mayor of nearby Champlain, N.Y. greets asylum seekers with warm words and necessities like warm clothes. Here is an interesting read about Roxham Road, published by the SCSC.

Urban Heat Conference, bringing together speakers and discussion groups to address urban challenges in the context of global warming

Welcome Hive, an initiative to connect newly arrived refugee families


MilesAstray now friendly to your mobile

In most countries more than half the internet users now surf on mobile devices. I’ve been neglecting this majority out of love to the desktop version of MilesAstray. But no more I say – it’s launch day. Stop by the brand new, shiny, super friendly mobile version of on your phone and let me know what you think!

woman sitting on the bed with a phone


prints & Etsy shop

I recently started printing some of my work for wall décor and opened an Etsy shop with selected pieces (more to come). Shipping only in Canada and the US for now, but of course you can always get my art digitally for local printing. 

So if you feel that your walls could use a little Miles, shop by here:

white brick wall with photographs


latest content

Art work is hard work.


Here is what my calloused hands have formed from Earth and sweat:  

one photo, one story – here are some of my latest glimpses:

glimpse: WHEN WE ARE | Come graze with us on this silky autumn air, feed off its slowly cooling warmth, sinking late tonight with all the colors making out. Now that the night drips into the valley, it flushes shivering chills and atomic pulp down the marrow, beautifully, and we slingshot our dreams into the firmament to never land, and we, too, never land while a flock of feelings soars deep inside our selves. We’re nimble, lean but full with a full filling of passion for passion. Drowsy drifters slashing their own sails, we wake up to a dream life, the world our living room, an entire universe for a ceiling, our jest fest uninterrupted on this phantom stage. When we are, everything is. 

glimpse: UNSEEN, UNHEARD | What if you were unseen, unheard? Where would you look for solace, whom would you call upon?



glimpse: MIDST OF WINTER | Bare black arms reaching for the pale white sun, the last summer green not quite forgotten under the steel blue dome.


glimpse: BROTHERS | They could hardly be more different, and hardly more similar.

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