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August 22nd, 2022 - new roads to old destinations





Hey guys,
If this were a monthly newsletter, it'd be one week and nine months late. But it's a decidedly fickle newsletter, so it's right on time. Much has happened. Too much to tell. Let me boil it down to something digestible:


the book

Last autumn I went to a little Greek island in the Aegean to disconnect but couldn't work out how to sit still. So I wrote a book. Cow. It's a river of consciousness in the form of an 85,000-word love letter; a philosophical carnival; an absurdist travel memoir; an irreverent and humanistic societal and cultural critique; and pretty much anything else a literary hybrid can be. I'm looking for a publisher, so if you are one or know one or know something, let me know!


Adiós, I'm a ghost between sheets, a note between keys, a god between prayers, a clown between costumes, a skipped gene between generations, a ripple between moods, a hummingbird between flaps, a temperature between seasons, half a half-life, February 29th, a grain falling through the hourglass, always departed, never landed.


a decade on the road

I have two birthdays, both in May. The day I was born, and the day I was reborn. Yuckedy-yikes, how corny. True though. May 16 is the day I started my second life. My life away from home to find the home within. Yikedy-yucks, that's even cornier. This year was my 10th second birthday. I celebrated the occasion by embarking on a new road to an old destination...


full time artist

...MilesAstray is my passion baby. It combines three loves of mine: travel, writing, and photography. A world, a pen, a camera. And I've come to realize that I have to give it my all. That's why I'm proud to announce that I am a fulltime, stay-at-home artist now. Just without the home, and without staying.


That means there has never been a better time to stop by my brand-new shop and support my creative self-employment and self-realization. Bring all your friends too! Here, take this coupon code to get 25 % off until September 22:




new store, score

Here's some shopping inspiration for you to put that coupon to good use: 

category - open collection.jpg


open collection

Lambda C-prints on Fuji archive paper in various formats and styles, optional framing

category - limited editions.jpg


limited editions

numbered collector's items in timeless formats, printed on inkjet

category - fine art.jpg


fine art

a curated collection of small-numbered archival pigment prints on fine art paper




photography and writing coalescing into a new art form, open and single editions


summer summary

Corona never went anywhere, but I did. Unspoken, but collectively agreed upon, we all stopped caring to one degree or another, in the very same untraceable moment earlier this year. And so I traveled, here, there, elsewhere. Cologne. Marseille. Annecy. Maastricht. And with my eyes well-fed and my heart even fatter, I pointed my itchy feet towards the end of the world at Cape Finisterre and walked some 250 miles along the Camino de Santiago.



where to next


I'm one step ahead of this newsletter. Last week, my time in Paris came to an end, and so "next"  is now and now is here: Montreal. Trading one home for another. The next next is yet to be determined. Anything goes, and so do I.

Au revoir,


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